Sunday, 24 September 2017


"Some thoughts on the attempts to paint Brit soldiers as victims, Veterans for Peace & the White Poppy:

British soldiers are not victims. They are the willing executioners of British foreign policy. There is no conscription in Britain and hasn’t been for a very long time. Britain’s endless conflict since the end of WW2 has seen millions pass through the ranks of this murderous organisation.

In Britain, the left propagate the myth that soldiers are victims. They will cite that the “working class” are targeted for recruitment, that said individuals have “no other choice”, that there “are no jobs”. None of this excuses nor makes them victims. Plenty of people in economic turmoil do not run off and join a psychopathic murder gang. On the day that the Chilcot report was released the British media and various lefty media outfits spoke of the plight of the families of the 179 British soldiers that died in Iraq. The millions of Iraqis killed and displaced were not even an afterthought.

Groups like “Veterans for Peace” are hailed and honoured for their so-called noble stand. I have long been suspicious of this outfit:

1. The profiteering and making careers out their murderous jolly up in the British Army is sickening. At least two senior figures in this outfit have made careers for themselves off the back of their time in the Brit Army. They have had book deals, become paid journalists, pundits and film makers.

2. Ben Griffin, a senior Veterans for Peace member, is a former SAS soldier who now complains he didn’t join the British Army to “carry out US foreign policy”.  Parroting the much loved British lefty line that Britain is a poodle of the Yanks and doesn’t really operate in the interest of Britain. Griffin was quite happy to remain in the British Army whilst he was posted to the six counties, Macedonia and Afghanistan. It wasn’t until he reached Iraq that he had an issue. And that issue was with “trigger happy” American soldiers. As if the Brits weren’t over there shooting and raping. He goes on to claim that the reputation of the British Army has been “damaged its association with the Americans”. You really can’t make this up.

3. In a recent interview with a Novara Media, Joe Glenton, a representative of "Veterans for Peace" spoke about a "good friend" of his who was a Brit solider in Malaya, he said; "a good friend of mine Walter was there... burning these peoples food, taking them off the land. He's in his eighties, amazing guy, he lives in London, he's fantastic, he's absolutely fantastic. He was there, he was involved in all this stuff". Now I'm guessing Walter (sadly not a Walter Mitty in this case) has miraculously renounced all of his evil doing and is now a fully pledged member of Veterans for Peace. This just doesn’t cut it, it takes a hell of a lot more than saying sorry and marching down Whitehall occasionally, throwing your medals about and then talking of how you were “coerced” in to joining.

4. Passing the buck and blaming the bosses. They will often say blame Tony Blair not “corporal scumbag”. Why can’t I blame both? Why can’t the soldiers, their seniors and government be held to account.

Oppose the White Poppy for Peace:

Firstly it is a symbol of pacifism. I am not a pacifist. I am proud and stand with all that resist against British and US imperialism. Supportive of whatever means they choose to use. Secondly, the White Poppy is used to remember all “victims” of war including every British soldier. It is an absolute insult of a symbol.

On the Red poppy:

The poppy is a nauseating symbol of British imperialism that promotes the genocidal actions of the British military as heroism. The funds raised from its sales are used to finance veterans of present day campaigns taking a burden off the MOD.

This year I will make sure I distribute thousands of bleeding poppies to whoever wants them."

 - Gerard McNamara

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