Sunday, 24 September 2017


Corbyn has discriminated against Saudi and Sudanese diplomats by barring them at the Labour Party conference, in response the Arab League is saying it will boycott the Labour Party conference altogether (letter below). I support the Arab League in this regard, corbyn is not our colonial overlord, he is the leader of a neo-colonial party that has delivered genocide to many Arab and other peoples; it's the Arab League that should be boycotting western institutions as the latter at the world's number one problem. The Arab League may take many decisions that's not to the benefit of its people, but they do so in a world context of being very much junior and weaker than the much bigger problems such as the British state and its second neo-colonial administrator the Labour Party. Furthermore, Corbyn has cosied up to plenty of people who have helped deliver a Saudi / Wahhabi perversion of Islam into the people of the region. Finally, Corbyn's arrogant posture will only please the racists in the left and of course on the right and far-right.

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