Sunday, 24 September 2017


Perhaps the most beautiful, liberation-oriented and powerful political symbols ever, although I do love the sickle/farming hoe & AK of Frelimo's symbol. I think my Father got the hammer and sickle from a recent trip to Bulgaria and my younger Brother bound them together and it's displayed proudly in our front room. We have been raised by my Mother and Father and Grandfather to have great respect, support and love for the workers and peasants, especially of our Homelands. What does it symbolise?

Most directly it symbolises the liberation and political control of society by those humans who give wealth we all enjoy - workers and peasants.

It symbolises the liberation of the most oppressed and exploited, it means the fundamental reorganisation of society to benefit the workers and peasants and for them to increasingly take over the full running of society (that's socialism, what's supposed to be the transition to a society without any exploitation and oppression), it means that the most poor get increasingly well off in housing, food and education and culture;

it means the defeat of all sectarian and divisive forces of far-right ethnic and national oppression;

it means the liberation of women from a hitherto role of being chained to home work and raising children (although it supports family by offering the *option* of socialised housework, free childcare, free community kitchens), of being increasingly freed from oppressive patriarchy.

We have only had not even a drop in the ocean of time to experience and experiment with socialism and the rule of the workers and peasants, in their experience the most liberating achievements historically from exploitation and oppression has been achieved. Socialism and communism today is going through a big nose dive since the late 1980s, and many communists and socialists especially in the 'west' and those controlled by those in the west have shown great dogma, narrow mindedness, arrogance and many have sold out to fascist forces today, but the great world examples of China and Cuba shows what we can still achieve.

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