Sunday, 24 September 2017


"Ever noticed that the bigoted anti-Islam groups and mouthpieces in Britain all hold up Winston Churchill, who backed the Al-Saud family & foisted Wahhabism on the region, as an icon?

The likes of Tommy Robinson, Katie Hopkins, Britain First, Breitbart etc. all worship Churchill, yet completely ignore his role in creating Saudi Arabia.

Britain as a whole has never come to terms with the extent of their creating and supporting of terrorist groups across North Africa and the 'Middle East'. It is now accepted that Theresa May was facilitating terrorists to go to Libya in 2011 during NATOs war on the nation. One of these very terrorists blew himself up in Manchester early this year at a kids pop concert. Need we look any further than Britain's collusion with loyalist terror gangs in occupied Ireland to see how Britain uses "extremism" for their own end when it suits them." - Gerard McNamara

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