Sunday, 24 September 2017


Being a pro-active actual anti-imperialist anti-fascist is one of the loneliest political experiences in this era we're in. To actually strategically and ethically oppose fascism, racism *and* imperialism was for a long time the mainstream in global left / radical / global south networks. This started to really downgrade and collapse in 1991 with the world defeat of the 'third world' nationalist and socialist liberation struggles with the end of the socialist anti-imperialist 'Eastern Bloc'.

It's been downhill quickly since then with a brief exception defined by the Iraqi Resistance (post March 2003) and the Palestinian Intifada (1999-2003).

Today either the anti-imperialist movement is dead, with no support given to leading global anti-imperialist forces like Yemen and Libyan Resistance, or support for China, Cuba, Zim etc; or there is near total cowardice towards fascist forces with too many justifying and facilitating colloboration directly with fascist and Nazis.

From our peoples struggles since the 1920s across Africa, Asia and 'latin' America being clearly in the leadership of the struggle against fascism and imperialism, to today we have basically no leadership and the struggle is an increasingly messy hell.

Only China and DPRK in some indirect ways are giving very limited leadership, for the rest we are really all on our own.

There are literally small handfuls of anti-imperialist anti-fascists left. We must stand steadfast, persevere and do our best to raise our voices for the struggle of our peoples and martyrs.

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