Tuesday, 1 August 2017


tommy robinson / Celtic incident

A few days ago tommy robinson laid a trap into which some Celtic supporters walked into in sunderland, north east england. This is a clear set-back and embarassing incident for anti-fascist forces, and a considerable win for robinson and fascism.

robinson has released a new book against Islam and Muslims, he was having a book launch in sunderland at a far-right venue. Before the event he called the Celtic 'firm' (organised football hooligans) the Green Brigade a 'bunch of muppets' and wore a rangers t-shirt which is the team of far-right english colonialism and very anti Catholic and anti Irish. Some disorganised young Celtic fans turned up to for the provocation and trap, around a dozen of them, clearly had little to no experience in strategic street fighting, they through a flare into the venue where robinson had ensured women and children were in. robinson's fighters were waiting outside of the venue for the Celtic supporters, and the Celtic youth got battered, with one knocked out on the floor with a pillow with a union jack under his head (no joke).

This is a very undesirable thing to have happened, its hard to imagine a more humiliating incident for anti-racist and anti-fascist forces.

In recent months and years there is a massively growing fascist community led by people like robinson and katie hopkins, although hopkins goes for a slightly more middle class audience than the 'working class' robinson. robinson is putting out his second book, the first was a amazon best seller for a long while, and look: amazon openly assisting and promoting his publication. The global fascist community in which robinson is in is enormous, motivated and militant, and is a big industry in which robinson is making plenty of money. The sunderland incident is robinson promoting his second book, and the disaster at sunderland plated *right* into robinson's trap and as such robinson turned the incident as he always was planning onto into a big promotion for his book online.

stephen yaxley-lennon better known as 'tommy robinson' is very likely an agent of the british state and intel services, a leading british fascist and indeed is a leading global fascist celebrity who has recently teamed up with leading usa fascist alex jones. robinson's fame/infamy was facilitated by the british state as they allowed many protests organised by robinson's then outfit the 'english defence league'. Once the edl has served its functions for the intel services they wound that down and robinson was instructed to then work with another very likely state asset - Maajid Nawaz who runs a state-backed outfit called the Quilliam Foundation. robinson has been been nearly literally held by the hand of the state and its agents to make his discourse more sophisticated.

robinson and hopkins and others are becoming increasingly conceited and confident in their provocations. robinson often just door steps organisations and individuals in a very confrontational way, and gets away with it time and time again with impunity. The Green Brigade are not like the Celtic fans, they have experience in these matters and are allies of the general struggle against imperialism and racism and for socialism on this island, and one hopes they will act to redeem our anti-fascist community from this embarrassment. 

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