Wednesday, 26 July 2017


I don't comment much on India's internal affairs as Britain is the world's greatest enemy that has to be opposed. But I will say something very clear: in-line with a struggle against imperialism and for land to the tiller and socialism, in-line with a radical women's liberation path as well as total rejection of casteism and racism and classism: any Indian who considers themselves decent and a human must vigilantly defend Muslims and Africans by any means necessary and other oppressed groups from any attacks from supremacist forces who are using and abusing Hinduism, just like other supremacist forces use and abuse other faiths and ideologies.

I will always stand with India and its people and the state like any other global south country in every contradiction against imperialism, however the mad supremacists administering India currently and with their global fascist allies are scuppering the important BRICS strategy that has taken a massive hit in recent years, India's self defeating and highly foolish rejection of cooperating with China's New Silk Road Asian megaproject is one of many examples of this foolishness.

This post should be seen to in no way to deflect from opposing the British leading number one genocidal state in the world, and too many people refuse to focus on humanity's number one enemy (British imperialism) and in their cowardly posture go on about anyone else but the Brits and the 'west', but I also need to make it crystal clear that I stand with the oppressed in India, we have achieved some really amazing achievements in our very short independence since 1947, but many things have been reversing this last few decades and the challenges of a sweeping anti caste, pro women and girls, pro tribals, revolutionary movement against imperialism and for socialism - basically Mao's model of the New Democratic Revolution - in India is increasingly desperately required.

Anyone who knows me and my family knows I am the fourth generation directly in my family who stays loyal to these ethics, and my family will forever stay loyal to these challenges in the generations to come until final victory over imperialism.

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