Thursday, 27 July 2017


Finally, Brexit left are on the defensive, but it was whites who got them on the defensive. Corbyn since 24 june last year has had a hard brexit position, he has increasingly scape-goated immigrants for problems of working conditions and housing in britain. At 630am on the morning of the 24th june 2016 which was the brexit victory at the referendum corbyn demanded 'triggering article 50 immediately', this was a demand not *only* shared by the far right. What followed after was one of the strangest and politically corrupt moments I have ever seen, nothing close to the sell out and corruption over the Nato war on Libya that most lefties supported, but still: people were so deluded by corbyn and the labour party that they, including and especially Black and Brown activists, self censored themselves into near total silence about corbyn's hard brexit position.

Corbyn gave three parliamentary guarantees to the tories' brexit: silence from the left. Corbyn increasingly demonised and scape-goated migrants, his rhetoric has become increasingly racist to the point now it is in many parts largely indistinguishable from ukip and nigel farage. But still throughout all this, the white left have denied any racism in brexit, and have allowed themselves to wallow in the current rising racist and fascist atmosphere. The sell out of the white left to corbyn's hard brexit racism has silenced most Black and Brown activists, many if not most of whom are and were salivating on the political sidelines for some scraps that corbyn and his camp might throw at them, and others have eaten at the colonial crumbs that corbyn and his camp have flicked across to them. All the while, corbyn and keir starmer and co are now openly campaigning against freedom of movement. And openly racist project.

More recently, it has been sections of the british ruling class that understand brexit to be the total disaster that it clearly is going to be that have raised concerns about corbyn's rejection of the single market and freedom of movement. Many factions of the he ruling classes are split, and increasingly so on a number of things, but the ruling classes within the british ruling class are split on brexit. Many factions of the ruling class support brexit, and even the right wing uk nationalist media are recently reporting positively on corbyn reflecting their endorsement of his loyalty to a hard brexit.  Migrant labour has since medieval times and before been fundamental to this island's economy, and that remains even more the case in these times. Certain sections of the ruling class who are against brecit have used their media to expose Corbyn's far right positions. This *not* migrants in political circles have managed to raise the debate clearly and directly towards corbyn and his camp.

What does this say? It says that the political dependency on the 'white man' and on the white colonial left is higher than ever amongst Black and Brown activists; that Black and Brown activists and voices have failed to give political defence to the very basic human and civil rights of themselves and the more precarious and oppressed newer poorer migrants here; that it exposes the depth of political and actual corruption of Black and Brown circles; that Black and Brown circles are in a very low political place perhaps the lowest political capacity and position that they have been in living memory. And even now that the ruling class factions have used their media to develop a critical debate from the left against corbyn, Black n Brown circles are *still* largely quiet, complacent, and silencing themselves. A very sorry state of affairs. But these circles we are in cannot even do the absolute A B C basic things of strategic organising when it comes to the British state's destruction of our Homelands (Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen etc), they cannot do it for Grenfell either. We need a new generation of courageous hardworking organisers who are not seeking constant validation from corbyn and his colonial white left money and position.

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