Wednesday, 26 July 2017


The British state & govt seem to be provoking a riot, what's our strategic response? Look at the total conceit and arrogance in the way they have treated our people at Grenfell, and then police killing after police killing with brothers Edson and Rashan and before Mohammed Yaqub and countless others we don't hear about. Last night was small skirmishes between Black and Brown people and the riot police in relation to the killing of brother Rashan by a pig [1].

This is a screen-grab from a armed police response to some brothers in a car on an estate [2]. The neighbours came out in disgust and opposition, but the incident reflects in its stark and violent symbolism the situation that we are in. The oppression of Black and Brown and migrant communities is developing, racism is developing, the war against women, girls and children is developing with police and other state institutions that we know are guilty of organised child and general sex abuse and murder are openly getting away with it, while the war against women, girls and children continues in the media and internalised amongst our communities, while the British state helps to destroy further and keep weak and destabilised Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia and other places: it all seems clearly that the state is very happy to dump us into this oppression, the state is confident in its position, it is content with the state of near total unpreparedness and near total absence of grassroots pressure and strategic building from us and our communities.

Grenfell shows that the state locally and nationally are not at all bothered by a relatively small group of our community who have or had the potential to turn the justice cause for Grenfell into a mighty grassroots anti-racist pro-migrant working class tsunami against the system, but the state is safe in their position that Grenfell has no momentum behind it and that the state feels Grenfell is a more or less permanently pacified situation.

Our communities were plunged deeper into the oppressive morass after the events of August 2011 [3], which is still in many of our minds. The uprising was just, but the net result was negative for us on all fronts except that it was a messy event that many people in our community have learnt from, you can hear self critical reflections of is in the comments of the supporters and friends of brother Edson on their protests a few weeks ago when they are trying to develop their militant direct action more intelligently and strategically.

However, our response to our oppression, our response to our peoples injury and death remains negligible when it comes to developing the absolute basics of how to mobilise and organise and build a capacity in struggle that can start to meet our challenges.

Our youth have no organisations that they are developing in regards to this, and the supposed radical and radical left circles are nearly wholly absent in meeting these challenges also. The individuals who potentially could start to build something are deciding that they are not going to work together and build anything that our peoples actually need in the struggle, and are deciding to be content and complacent in specific relation to the challenge of building a real struggle. There is a clear political industry of corruption that has made a deep rot in political circles whereby too many a depdendent on the culture of state and semi-state funding, that people do for money and not love and serving our peoples. The very few very bright, courageous and brave young revolutionaries I have seen emerge this last decade have all dropped out due to their own mistakes, bullying, and the general sectarian and corrupt nature of the left, the white left, and even non-white radical circles.

We are headed for another riot, the pressure is building, the government and state is preparing for it by constantly pushing us towards the edge, by its constant use of racism through brexit, against Muslims, against Black people, against migrants.

We have enormous challenges before us, there is a near absence of really focusing on our weaknesses in order to remedy that and develop what our peoples and communities here really deserve, and also to develop a struggle here against this colonial state in defence of our peoples in our Homelands. Another riot is coming, like August 2011 thousands will go to the courts and prison system (there were no defence campaigns post August 2011), another generations of families will be even more traumatised. After another riot, we continue to sink deeper into our problems, why don't we work harder, work more in a united way so that the pain we go through these struggles is lessened and the aims and little victories along the way to total justice is expanded?

[1] See footage here:

[2] See footage:

[3] Documentary I made on the August 2011 events - 'Insight to Riot'

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