Wednesday, 28 June 2017


#Grenfell #WhiteLeft The English white left / white controlled left has gone utterly mad at me for saying that the fire 'fighters' who conducted their operation at #Grenfell failed our peoples criminally and massively, literally hundreds of our people have been killed and it's clear from the obviousness of the death toll and the many first hand accounts of the fire men holding people back from saving more lives and instead ordering and bullying people to stay away and stay in their flats who then in their many hundreds burned alive. Not one firemen seemed to have been injured or killed while up to 500 of our people have been burnt alive. It's common for firemen to be injured or even die trying to save people. But not here. Put very simply, an emergency service was called to a job at Grenfell and the result of their efforts is many many hundreds dead. Simple and obvious. The victims and their supporters have every right to hold the fire service and the team and team leader of those firemen at Grenfell.

The white left deny there has been any grave errors by the firemen at Grenfell and instead have shouted and bullied people to ask no questions in this regard and have said there is nothing that they have done wrong, that really thy are heroes, and it's all the fault of Tory cuts. As Anna said to me just now if NHS staff result in considerable if not like in this case massive error leading to a victim led campaign against the NHS and the staff concerned, Tory cuts (and Labour govt cuts) are not a reason not to fight for anti racist and anti classist sexist nonsense, as was the case with the woman who bled to death after birth. Of course the Tory state and govt now and Labour govts before have all contributed to the housing scam and the seniors in local government and national govt responsible for the massacre at Grenfell all need to be held to account, but so do those who were the emergency response on the scene.

The white left have gone mad at me because they helped go cover-up this massive issue, because the firemen have been too long held up as some untouchable angelic service. They are as fallible to racism and classism as any other British state service. The white left have gone mad because I said a very obvious thing and got nearly 100 likes for saying it from mostly African and Asian people, and thus the white left have been totally exposed and are embarrassed by it. In their arrogance and conceit they have abused me for days and started social media campaigns against me leading to a 30 day block on my other account. The campaign continues to this minute. But in so doing they don't realise their racialised supremacism has been exposed to many more and opened up this very important debate further.

This whole thing has opened up a really primarily important issue of the white left and migrant communities; the white left lionise the organised unionised workers over and above the unorganised and especially black and brown migrant communities. Grenfell is black and brown migrant communities the fire men are the organised workers mostly white and a body be it the fire brigade union or the fire service that are both clearly institutionally racist. The white left will and are patronising the Grenfell survivors and martyrs and are helping in the cover up in many ways but clearly in the way they have told me and the issues I am raising to shut up and to be forced to shut up. This is exactly the same dynamic and this actually part of their white colonisation of the Grenfell issue.

As with so many other issues, I think it's a case of me stating the obvious and embarrassing the white left and those loyal to them and collaborating with them, and instead of opening up the conversation and listening, they have blindly jumped to expose their racist patronising and frankly racist bullying nature. Like other issues they abuse me for, it will come out that yes indeed there was massive grave errors and criminal level mistakes that the fire men did that led to our peoples deaths. EVERYONE who is directly responsible and and is a powerful figure that set up Grenfell for this massacre must see immediate justice by any means necessary. Me and my comrades and supporters are loyal to no one but our dead at Grenfell. We are determined to assist in this quest for resistance and justice. Thank you white left and their minions, you have inadvertently opened up this debate much bigger than I alone could, for those reading and loyal to anti racism and Black and Brown Liberation, please see carefully the fault lines of racism in the usual bullshit of white left and white left colonial politics and arrogance.

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