Saturday, 17 June 2017


#Grenfell #Riots #Uprising 

I am very surprised Kensington Town Hall and other bodies like Ryder responsible for the deaths of our people are not seeing their buildings being burnt down considering the anger and extent of this crime. At the moment the families are still in shock, many still have not identified / found their loved ones, intense shock and trauma is gradually turning into anger and rage.
Many are talking of riots in response. I frankly on a level of ethics would not negatively judge anyone for any act directed at those in power responsible for this.

The crime is too grave, the breadth of the crime is too wide, the depth of the anger is too deep. However, justness and ethics does not necessarily equate to strategy and wisdom. We have had the August 2011 uprising of Black & Brown and working class youth, it was just in response to the police killing of a Black brother Mark Duggan, but it's strategic impact was backwards, our struggle was wiped out by the lack of organisation and strategy of the uprisers and supporters, some 5,000 saw punitive sentences in the criminal justice system with nearly no political campaign and defence campaigns etc. Perhaps we haven't even recovered from that fallout until Grenfell.

Like I said, I am not into narrow judgements on whatever people want to do as long as it is directed at the oppressor enemy responsible, but whatever the forms of more direct action I would argue for it not to result in a regression of struggle but to up the struggle which means educating further organising further our peoples with a view of single minded strategic political targeting of the enemy forces.

The MXM allied with London Black Revs after the British state worked with Byron burgers to entrap and deport scores of our people conducted a direct action against Byron shutting down three stores for the Friday and Saturday business. No one was hurt, no one was arrested, the direct action resulted in people all across the world knowing about the disgusting work of Byron, although the sectarian colonial identity crowd circuit sniped at the action, the action responded efficiently to a oppressive move, the action defended those targeted, the action took away Byron's marketing strategy by attacking tens of thousands of cockroaches to it, the world found out about the oppressive act and the act of resistance.

The direct action failed to really bring in further forces into an organised struggle which was a limitation of it but that's more related to the depressed state of political struggle in general. However, Grenfell has many thousands of family members directly impacted and 100,000s if not millions angry and ready to support a really militant struggle for justice. Let's hope infiltrators and sell outs from either Labour Party and the left don't sell out our people, this is the biggest danger along with the direct enemy sabotaging us, the sell outs and the enemy always work together.

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