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Sons of Malcolm's 10 Point Program for Critical Support to Corbyn/LP

There has been a surge of people rejecting the right and far-right and wanting left, pro-peace, pro decent jobs and housing politics. Corbyn has been attacked repeatedly for being pro IRA and a communist. People especially younger people don't care and that doesn't faze them. That's an important new generation development, younger people who are not tied to the imperialist prejudices against the Irish struggle or the communist states who led global resistance against colonialism and racism. As many know, I have not until now come out in explicit support in any way to Corbyn and the Labour Party, I have found it too problematic for many reasons, not least its pro brexit turn, however due to changed circumstances and my analysis of this, I will be supporting peoples vote for Corbyn and advocating we put pressure on Corbyn and even be ready to go beyond the Labour Party. Therefore, I have thought long and hard, discussed and taken advice and criticism from comrades here and across the world and I have adjusted and updated my position, which can be broadly summed up in the slogan: 

Support Young Peoples Demands of Corbyn / Labour Party, Vote Corbyn, but Prepare for Worse to Come

1. Support the *peoples* progressive surge, the people want Corbyn. Let them have him:

There is a surge of people in Britain who reject racism, division, war, austerity, rich elites, and who want more peace, who don't want an imperialist military industrial complex, who want to welcome refugees and immigrants and see them rightly as positive contributions. This surge of people is historical, its a response to growing crises of the capitalist-imperialist system, its relatively unsophisticated, unorganised, confused and messy on so many levels and still imbued with many imperialist prejudices and eurocentricism, HOWEVER, this is an important political and historical surge that has relatively raised the political struggle and people have only Corbyn and the Labour Party as the only option in front of them to represent their demands. I support the peoples demands, and I will walk with them in that including if it means they will see if Corbyn/LP delivers anything for them.

2. I support the peoples more radical demands, support Corbyn and demand he goes further:

In many ways the recent progressive surge has already gone beyond Corbyn: the surge is led by a younger population who have been disgusted by Brexit, Trump, Le Pen, who want something much more radical than even Corbyn has to offer, but they only have Corbyn on offer and are going for that for the time being, and I stand with them in this process but will also argue that while I stand in support of their support for Corbyn/LP that our politics and organising has to also go beyond that.

3. Demand Corbyn fight Brexit support immigration along with Greens, SNP & Plaid: 

I will be championing many peoples demand especially younger people who don't want Brexit, who support immigration and migrants and refugees, they want brexit smashed. One of the biggest let downs of Corbyn has been his Brexit support and his anti immigration position. I will be supporting peoples demands that Corbyn should join the invitation of the SNP, Plaid and Greens in an anti-Tory anti-brexit alliance, imagine after June 8 Corbyn decided to join that alliance, it would electrify the country and we would have a real strategic struggle with migrant communities against the right and far right.

4. Support the masses against war, terrorism and collusion, Corbyn should expose collusion:

After the Manchester attack, masses of people just don't believe a word of the Tories and Theresa May, they saw clearly that the government supported terrorists in their Nato war against Libya in 2011 and these same people killed 22 people in Manchester. The masses are clamouring for British state collusion with terrorism to be exposed, they perceive Corbyn being supportive of their position when he says 'British foreign policy is partially responsible for terrorism', Corbyn actually does not support the campaign to expose collusion, but once again this is a nuance atd complexity lost in mass politics, and the masses think Corbyn is supportive of their views and both the masses and Corbyn despite the nuanced differences are pushing in the same direction against a Tory narrative that seeks to white wash their own deep involvement in collusion. I support the people demanding exposing collusion, I support their support of Corbyn going in this direction, and I will be encouraging people demanding this of Corbyn and the LP.

5. Support youth participation: 

Youth registration drive has seen more than a million more *registered* to vote. A voter registration drive that can influence the result of elections requires many years of political organising in communities with many activists, what we have seen is a sudden surge over weeks an a few months, it is not organised at all, and there are great dangers that much if not most of these young people who have registered won't actually come out to vote: I will be doing all that I can to ensure people actually get to the polling booth, and they cast their vote correctly. I have already called my local Labour Party team and offered my services every day until and especially on the the election day.

6. Develop conversations, ideas, initiatives to develop capacity to pressure Corbyn/LP: 

Too many have allowed these two years of Corbyn-led LP to pass without any constructive criticism and engagement, too many have succumbed to narrow personality politics, it would be better to develop critical organisations of people so they can be more informed in their pursuit of their political demands and aims in relation to Corbyn/LP.

7. Support people demanding Corbyn pursue proper justice for institutional child sex abuse:

For decades victims and families of victims of many perpetrators from parliament and in the bbc and other state institutions in child sex abuse had been silenced, finally the truth has started to come out. However, of course the state and government was going to ensure it protected its own perpetrators and have developed dead-end processes leaving people without and path towards justice. This is one of the biggest scandals involving this state and its institutions: people know what's happened and demand justice for it, Corbyn/LP should support peoples demands and support and assist their organising towards this.

8. Assist people learn about the LP and its history: 

People are supporting Corbyn as one person, but people know very little about the history of the Labour Party in and out of power since the start of the 20th century, its not a pretty history but a history that has to be told. Corbyn is one man, the LP is an institution that in many ways is set against delivering what Corbyn and his followers want. The history of the welfare state is also important for people to understand how the NHS and welfare state broadly was financed by colonial exploitation. This understanding of Labour Party history will equip people better to understand this organisation and to seek out routes and paths to move it away from its embedded-nature to imperialism and towards a more just relationship with the global victims of the British state. Many people especially younger people don't want social reforms based on polluting, bombing and destroying other peoples countries.

9. Encourage a non-military, non-policing politics: 

Corbyn and the LP manifesto is committed to tens of thousands of more police on the streets, more resources for the already very well resources intelligence services, a total commitment to Nato and trident and the British imperialist military industrial complex. Many of us know how oppressive and racist the police are, they are not friends of ours, they are friends of the rich and the elites. Policing of the kind we have attached to the kind of oppressive state we have is not to our benefit, I support our people demanding colonial policing is not the answer to our problems. Many people who are supporting Corbyn also do not think the army, nuclear weapons, nato and the intelligence services are anything but the war arms of a violent and genocidal system. We reject these, I support the peoples demand that Corbyn/LP moves away from this militarism and oppressive policing to exposing the corrupt nature of the police and intelligence services and the murderous role of the British armed forces who through British foreign policy have brought death and destruction to so many millions of our people in our Homelands across Africa and Asia. We know that Corbyn sympathises by what we say, we want to build the capacity so Corbyn engages positively with our demands.

10. Ally with Corbyn, but prepare for worse to come: 

I will be encouraging people in their support for Corbyn but also clearly stating and forewarning that much greater challenges are upon us very very soon (including post June 8 wether Corbyn wins or not), racism will continue to surge, the state will continue to become more repressive, it will conduct more wars whoever is in government, and this state is going into a disgusting conflict with the rest of Europe while allied closely with Trump. Even in Corbyn's own words it is not enough for him to be elected and he says himself how important it is people are organised and put pressure on him. This has hardly happened however, but I am committed to this critical engagement with Corbyn and beyond Corbyn with the people as much as possible. Massive challenges are afoot, we need to prepare and work hard for them, hardly anyone is doing that but the current peoples progressive surge is potentially an opening towards meeting these challenges.  

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second wave publications said...


The working class and its allies have an opportunity of electoral politics on the 8th June unmatched in British history since 1945. As we have said earlier, victory of the progressive forces will not directly change the social order in any way, but it can set class relations into such motion that is capable of bringing a significant shift in the existing balance of class forces to the advantage of the working class.

The dynamics of socio-political changes do not follow a straight line. These cannot be understood by oversimplified dogmas. No laws of science are beyond re-examination. Labour Party is indeed a product of imperialism, a by-product. But as the nature of imperialism changes, often deceptively, tactics of political scientists, like Marxists, also have to change accordingly.

The role of Jeremy Corbyn cannot be understood by his personal characters alone. These are exemplary, but, still, these are secondary to the catalytic role his leadership plays.

The society in Britain today is going through a significant period. Not many General Elections in the past have brought so many crucial issues to the forefront: British occupation of Northern Ireland, military interventions in the Middle East, the monarchy, fake patritotism, nationalisation of key service industries, workers contractual and bargaining rights, exploitation of future generations - each with its own dynamics. Taken together, they can create a social movement.

Such a movement, once initiated, can not remain within the limits of parliamentary social democracy. Forces of revolutionary transformation of the society will be born. And, of course, the counter-revolutionary forces will not remain idle. Those who consider themselves as revolutionary socialists are now confronted with a historic awareness of the unfolding, and often unforeseen, developments.


Kumar Sarkar
Second Wave Publications,