Wednesday, 22 March 2017


London / Westminster violent incident  - Brexit, Scotland, EU, Racism/Islamophobia: First of all: God bless the woman who died today and sympathies for her family. Our Homelands are being wiped out by this british state, we know the price to our Humanity that we have to pay so we understand Humanity. Anyway. 

Context - today to the day is exactly one year on from the violent attack in Brussels, and in a broad historical context of a series of violent incidents in Germany and especially France in recent years. This island too a few years further back saw incidents such as 7/7 and 14/7 and most recently the Lee Rigby attack, also the infamous 'Jihadi John' / Mohammed Emmwazi, all linked to thousands of youth who happen to be Muslim leaving europe to join the supremacist death squad project of in mainly Syria and Iraq joining Daesh and also other factions such as Nusra. The pattern and axis of all of this is the british state, the british state's foriegn policy directly and indirectly uses these same armed militias (called Qaeda/Daesh etc) to achieve their aims, and also domestically to racist strategies of dividing people and hating Islam and Muslims, the british state has openly colluded with people like Omar Bakri, Moazzam Begg (in his own admission), and also those who conducted the lee rigby's death and also Emmwazi are both directly linked to the british intelligence services and the pro death squad organisation called 'Cage'. Will the apparent assailants today also have the usual pattern of connections to Daesh in Iraq/Syria, known by the intel services, connected to Cage or similar? We shall see. Of course I could be wrong, and I hope that this has nothing to do with any Muslim.

I been saying for years observing the political violence in France and Germany that the intel services will eventually make this happen here sooner or later, and it will be done to serve clear political purposes. What is interesting about the timing of the attack today? Apart from being a year on from the Brussels attacks, the most obvious issue of timing for today is the Scottish parliament's official statement to the Tory government that they officially want a second referendum for Scottish independence. This is taking place in relation to the growing war of words, economics, and politics between London and the EU. London is in the biggest crisis it has been in since the second world war. Tory PM Theresa May has said incessantly to the Scots: 'now is not the time' for a 2nd referendum, the english have been further whipped-up into a frenzy of hatred against pro Indy Scots. With this incident today, Tory's/May's position against the referendum will have been strengthened greatly, the media will go into further frenzy against any potential 2nd Scot Indy referendum. What will be pushed is 1, further racism against Muslims and ALL migrants, increase of racism against one section of the community means increase of sexism/racism/classism across ALL sections, 2, Scotland and all the 'uk' need to pull together under the government against terrorism, against indy Scots etc. 3, forget our lives will be degraded by brexit, forget that, remember - hate: migrants, Muslims, Scots and EU. It's going to be harder for the SNP now to push their position. 

James Stuart and I were just discussing in recent weeks that the London govt will be a LOT dirtier in their moves against Scotland, but I wasnt exactly expecting today's move, but it makes a lot of sense in the interests of the London far right brexit regime.

On the incident itself, a few interesting things. I feel a bit weary sharing these thoughts as there is a freaky Jewish conspiracy-obsessed conspiracy nut-job crowd who talk utter shite, but: Although the beginning and end of the incident (from the mowing down people on Westminster Bridge to the assailant being shot/killed at palace yard) must have been only a few minutes, the incident happened in a very congested tourist area, where nearly EVERY tourist have their camera-phones out and clicking and taking footage: no image of the assailants (seems to be 2, one brown-skinned male, one white male) has been shown anywhere on social media, if you are going to get a SUV, and go for an attack where you know you are going to get killed within seconds as you confront groups of armed police, would you go out like this in an attempt at stabbing one police? Just seems so weird and points to me towards some kind of state facilitation to this which is usually they know something is going to happen, they are closely watching the perps in the lead-up, and they just let it through. I know someone senior in radical circles who worked closely with the 7/7 perps' family and closest colleagues who agrees this to be the case. This was the case clearly with 7/7 and Lee Rigby's killing, and similar to the Paris and Brussels attacks. 

This incident marks the escalation of intent by the british state on a number of levels: it is intended to ratchet-up racism even more, targeted especially at the Black n Brown Muslim community, it is intended to squash the demands for a Scottish referendum for independence, it is to keep you meek and quiet as the state makes your life worse through brexit, and intended to keep you meek and quiet while the state goes to increasing wars of destruction against our Homelands and eventually to prepare us for war against Germany and possibly others.