Wednesday, 15 February 2017


This is elder Ras Judah and I in St Paul's Bristol last night [4 Feb 2017] where an excellent Malcolm X Movement / Ujima FM / PASCF event took place with over 100 of the community present with Bob Brown the main speaker. A few weeks ago Judah was harassed outside his home in Easton by police, he is a veteran community organiser and has been a community advisor to the local police before; they said they were looking for a suspect that looked like him and demanded to know his personal details, Judah refused and then was physically assaulted by the police and then electrocuted by taser gun in his face. Thank God he is still with us. The Malcolm X Movement raised the demands that all the 60 police officers that have tasers in Bristol need to have their right to bear tasers removed immediately and permanently and our only central way to put pressure on the police for them to desist their harassment is to mobilise in mass militant civil resistance our communities.

Ras Judah and AAPRP veteran Bob Brown greet each other at the event

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