Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Le Pen: Was chatting on the phone to James Stuart (he left Facebook, was sick and tired of the amount of fascist infiltration and collaboration), and he raised an interesting thing - the disgusting sexual assault of one of our brothers by the French pigs seems to have been timed perfectly; quite understandably our youth have been showing their militant anger through some rioting etc, this in turn indirectly assists the support for the neo-nazi Le Pen for the presidency. The media is going overdrive in giving her a platform, the media including the British one is even assuming she will basically win the presidency, the opposing candidate fillon or whatever his name is, is caught up in some corruption scandal that is hardly of the height of corruption that usually goes on: just seems EVERYTHING is pointing to Le Pen winning. Even many of our own African and Asian people in the 'suburbs' / ghettoes are voting for fascism such is the collapse of our political struggles. Le Pen winning will complete the start of the beginning of new fascism on state levels, it will be the end of the EU and the start proper of a fascist vengeance and the domestic and external conflicts and imperialist wars that comes with that. And of course the left is just twiddling it's thumbs with anxiety and has immobilised itself. Through blood and struggle a new decolonial anti-imperialist left will eventually emerge, no signs of it yet though.

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