Saturday, 18 February 2017


6 years ago today in the midst of a western and Qatari and Saudi media led frenzy of instability against Tunisia and Egypt that has brought nothing but misery, division and near societal collapse to these countries (despite sociopaths calling it something good or a 'spring' even in their twisted morbid minds), Libya saw in Benghazi and Bayda and Derna the start of a NATO led and directed horror story. Supremacist political forces initiated an armed insurrection supported and then led by NATO totally, its first acts were killing Libyan police and armed forces, stealing weapons, and then lynching a load of Black / dark skinned people, literally stringing them up and chopping them up in public squares with hundreds of supremacist supporters cheering it all on, much of it is recorded here.  I have reported on it too in 2011 here

Shortly after British SAS were caught in Eastern Libya, and within weeks Fidel Castro told us that NATO was going to attack Libya, this was Castro's signal to us to mobilise, instead the western left including Andrew Murray, Kate Hudson, Lindsey German, John Rees and Chris Nineham of the so-called 'stop the war coalition' backed NATO's supremacist proxy forces in Libya for that whole year and refused to engage in what the anti NATO Libyan community here in England or in Libya had to say. Here is an exchange with John Rees from 2011 where he openly justifies and supports NATO in Libya.

I was one of the only people based in the west reporting on this from my three trips to Libya during the war and trying to get people to engage with the realities. People were in a drugged yo stupor off the Arab Sting, and most happily championed NATO's lynching head chopping 'revolution'. The Libyan people mobilised in an amazing renewal of revolutionary struggle, however Tripoli was overrun in a bloody offensive by massive NATO special forces and helicopter gunships that mowed down many of our comrades and resistance. 

Aforementioned western lefty sell outs continued to then support the human organ eating death squads in Syria also, but they changed their tune slightly after the 'jihadi john' head chopping was reported in the media and after John Rees sat next to Asim Qureshi from 'Cage' organisation where he called Mohammed Emwazi - 'Jihadi John' so-called - a "beautiful man", you can see Rees squirming somewhat while he says that here.

Until today stop the war leadership still support death squads through supporting 'Cage' organisation leader Moazzam Begg who went to Libya after NATO destroyed it to see his colleague and long time western military intel agent Hakim Belhaj who was a leading lyncher for NATO in Libya throughout 2011, helping NATO in a junior role to overthrow Tripoli, here is Belhaj with an English 'journalist' during Tripoli's overthrow.

Begg went on to go to Syria to assist death squads there in a visit formally green lighted by mi5, something he admits readily, he also sent love letters to Daesh leader Baghdadi in a bid to position himself as some kind of broker in relation to Daesh and their head chopping, no jokes see here from 5p which is a death squad platform.

The destruction of Libya directly through the 'Feb 17' NATO rebellion has led to so much death and collapse right across northern and Sahel and sun Sahara Africa, if has led to many things Gaddafi said it would not lease the proliferation of Daesh and Al Qaeda death squads, and massive plunging poverty for Libyans and others, it was the start of what has led to the growth of fascism in the west with Brexit, Le Pen and Trump, as the NATO wars on Libya and Syria meant that that fascism NATO exported to these countries has returned in so many ways to Europe itself.

And to date NO ONE in the west has made amends for their shameful support of this massive NATO destruction of Africa and their role in either championing it at the time or their complicity with their silence and inaction. For my part and that of my comrades, as ever to every actually existing global struggle against imperialism and NATO: we stay loyal and committed to Libya in its quest for unity, independence, socialism, Pan Africanism and Pan Arabism. 

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