Wednesday, 15 February 2017


So proud of Iran, North Korea and China! While people in the usa and Britain march against trump but have no real impact and are unlikely to going forward as the only leadership are left of the colonial system (democrats, soros, labour and lib dems and greens), these Asian nations showed what real strategic resistance against growing fascist imperialism of trump looks like. Iran blasted a missile as a fuck you, and then the Supreme Leader initiated massive protests against Trump, then China rolled hard against trump saying China is ready for war if trump wants to aggress her, and North Korea fires a missile into the sea towards Japan just as trump sits down for a meal with Japanese president! Trump's reply on Iran is still very militaristic but relatively muted, on China he has just backed off for the time being and said he respects everything about China 😂 and on North Korea he literally says he "stands behind" his regional allies (Japan, South Korea), talk about cowardly language! Into the first month of this fascist idiots presidency, these Homelands of ours have done well to embarrass this piece of shit and get him to back off. However, this is just the very start and Trump will be looking to ratchet up war again very soon, possibly targeted at Iran or/and further destruction of Syria.

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