Wednesday, 1 February 2017


7 Reasons I am not sure I support the petition to stop Trump coming to Britain:

1. The Queen and Tory state are using this to state and posture that they are 'not as bad as Trump', this is a very old move by the brits in relation to the yanks, constantly making out they are a lesser evil: they are not, they often are worse but more covert and underhand than the yanks. It's important we reject this posture from our own globally leading genocidal british state, and take away the basis for them to posture.

2. The posture of the Queen and Tories in faking 'concern' about Trump's visit is a clever means by the Brit state to appear 'more reasonable', and make out they have some kind of rational influence on Trump, and also they are using this to confuse people, so even people on the left in england are saying: 'Trump leave our Queen alone' / 'We assert our British values over yours' - Corbyn said that! etc

3.Trump's visit is galvanising, mobilising people, creating and opening a political space for protest against all fascism: I did not want brexit and will fight it, I did not want trump and will fight it, all rising fascism has to be fought. However, now we have this, and in the context that the moves here to oppose brexit have been totally sabotaged by Corbyn's pro-brexit loyalism, but the mobilisation against Trump and against his visit here is seeing that after many years we are seeing a little bit of a pick-up in potential anti-fascist developments. Don't get me wrong, its totally leaderless, confused, liberal/left white dominated, the grassroots aren't really there, migrant communities arent really there, but its better than next to nothing of what we have had.

4. The more people mobilise against Trump, the more the pressure builds indirectly and directly against Trump's parallel project in Britain - Brexit. Let him come, let him be the spark that lights peoples growing anger against growing fascism everywhere and on every level.

5. I of course am concerned that Trump's visit here will give more succour to the fascists and their attacks. Perhaps fascist and racist attacks are increasing anyway due to two historic fascist victories so far: brexit and trump presidency? This being the case, its clear that the public argument has been won, the camp opposing trump and his visit to britain has won over those who are pro fascist and pro trump. Trump's visit here will push this mobilisation to massive levels, let it!

6. The reason why the Tories and the Queen are making posturing noises against Trump's visit is that they know the public growing anger against it is also indirectly aimed at the Queen, the Tories and Brexit. This is a really awkward situation for the British state, they can't alienate trump, as its their number one global ally in the development of the Anglo-American hostilities against China and against the rest of europe. But also, Trump visiting Britain is causing a growing public anger and mobilisation that is pushing the political momentum of the anti-Brexit forces here. I think the British state will push through Trump's visit, as Trump is not going to like being treated as a lesser usa president than Obama was by the Brits.

7. The impending visit of Trump is embarrassing the colonial left in england, which is pretty much the entire left save for a tiny tiny section of the Black Power anti-imperialist politics of a handful of Black n Brown and few white friends. The left that are getting excited about opposing trump's visit have done and will do nothing against trump's project here: brexit. People opposing trump are also increasingly angry and moving against brexit, especially cos Corbyn and the left have sold them/us out, and they will go well beyond the corrupt colonial left forces trying to leech off the rising anger against trump/brexit.

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