Wednesday, 15 February 2017


My Valentine's Diary: today was wonderful with those who I love, but that's my business not yours. What I wanted to share is two social experiences today, both took place on the top deck of public buses in West London.

1, I was about to get off my stop, and then some Black brother touched my arm behind me, I turned around, and he was speaking to a Black sister at the back of the bus. The brother turns around and says "Sukant! It's Ken" [not his real name], I didnt recognise him straight away but it was a charming Black brother in my class from high school, he has bright bright eyes, and an amazing smile, he was quite intense back in our teens, and was one who would flip if he felt the slightest affront, luckily I was never subjected to his flips! lol. The sister on the back of the bus was another classmate from high school, I greeted her and wished her the best and gave her congrats for her lovely little girl sitting next to her. K and I talked as we got off the bus for a few mins, the pain of life was evident, the joys of life is his child. He was an amazing kick boxer, but complained about his health and that he tried to train the other day and straight away his shoulder and leg hurt. I said, we are not running off sheer youth anymore, we need to eat, meditate and exercise right. I really would like to impress on our peoples that your teens and 20s are the age to get your lifestyle right for the rest of your life. Brother K and I discussed about old friends and and where they are today and he said he watched loads of my videos on youtube (interestingly, its only the working class Black friends of mine from high school who big me up on that), and we promised to connect on FB. Was a wonderful and touching greeting.

2, In the evening I got onto the top deck of the bus, and the front seats were full of Syrian children, three Syrian mothers behind them. I got to the second last seats at the back of the bus. In front of me, more Syrian boys, and two white boys behind me at the back of the bus. I noticed one of the approx 7yr old Syrian boys complained to al older Syrian boy of around 14yrs old, I only gleaned that he complains about the boys behind me. None of these Syrians seem to speak any english. So I kept a look out. The Syrian boy went back to these boys behind me a few mins later, he wanted to look at their smart phone. The smaller white boy behind me stamped his foot at the boy along with his whole body, a flinching motion which obviously scared the Syrian 7yr old and made him flinch. I gently snapped at the white boy: 'You can't do that, man! You scared him. You need to cut that out!'. The white boy is a local boy, we know each other's face from the local park etc. He looks embarrassed, and says: OK. But his friend next to him says: 'but that boy keeps annoying us all day'. All day?! They are on a bus for a short journey. I say: 'I don't care, he has done nothing wrong, he just wants to look at your phone'. The Syrian boy gives me a sad face and points to his ribs, indicating that they had poked him before. This upset me even more, so I said to the white boys: 'Listen, he is much smaller than you, so it ends'.  The white boys are put 'under manners', and the Syrian boys goes back to the older Syrian boys and gives me a few little smiles. I smile back broadly.

Bitter sweet Valentines. I love our peoples. I am totally loyal to them until the day I die, and God let my spirit continue with our peoples until total liberation.

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