Sunday, 25 December 2016


Part 2 of sociological observations of the english during 'Xmas'

In the shopping centres and at some children's events the English like to make a small enclosed space, like a little cave which they decorate with fake snow and get a man to dress up in the colours of the coca cola company and a big white beard.

Usually men who do this job are the type that want to be very close to a lot of children, this is a big part of english culture as the English have raised their children to love and adore those that like to sexually abuse and even kill them in quite large numbers, something that the great institutions of english culture - the bbc, nhs, police - facilitated Jimmy saville and others to do this to children for five decades straight. The English are so proud of this that they do nothing about it and will do nothing about it.

So the English encourage their children to go into this small cave to the stranger with the coca cola suit and white beard. They tell their children that 'you won't get your present from him unless you have been good!'. 'Being good' in English culture usually means making sure they only eat their meals (actually really potato and bread, bananas if they are lucky) on the condition they have an I-pad showing a video not more than 12 inches from their face. 'Being good' also often means staying on their games consoles as long as possible and allowing their parents to enjoy fully their collapsing marriages. Now a generation of children have become adults who have been raised by the english people's new parents: games consoles and I-pads and I-phones: now most young adult english want to be porn stars, they consider it a great honorable career that they call 'sex work'. When the new porn star mass english community become parents (most english don't want children, or the elderly) and have children , surely these families will benefit greatly from the mass sex work culture.

The strange man in the coca cola suit is said to be a white north european man. In Belgium and Holland the strange man has little black slave helpers, they too will only get their presents only if they have serviced the strange man adequately through the year. The Belgians and Dutch consider this to be a foremost aspect of their celebrations, and laugh at non white people who complain.

The English consider it very important to their culture that the strange man comes into their homes at night without them knowing, some miserable non white people have had bad experiences of white men sneaking into their countries so are not so keen, but english people seem to really like those traditions and are keeping them alive by ensuring children think white strange men bring them presents and that they should spend their whole year trying to please him.

I will be sharing further my sociological observational studies into the English during their Xmas celebration festival.

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