Thursday, 22 December 2016


#DRC / #Congo: I am receiving reports from radical Pan-Africanists (politically closest to Mugabe and Gaddafi etc). There seems to be a Libya / Syria 2011 imperialist directed regime change style building-up. The opposition calling for "peaceful protests" then shady human rights organisations report the deaths of about 20 people to the UN. No names given, no proof. The govt denies. All Belgians have received instructions to leave the country. The opposition is fervently pro-usa. The African Union mediator in DRC has denounced the usa for supporting the opposition. He claims that during a meeting a member of the Congolese opposition actually told him: your country is France's backyard our country is US' backyard, keep out.

The wider context to this is that the Southern African Development Community and its leadership in Africa and the Global South is a strategic threat to imperialism, and imperialism is constantly harassing it and looking to destroy it, with the most obvious mechanisms being the usa and uk were on the verge of an actual military invasion and divide and ruin mission against Zimbabwe in circa 2001, scuppered only by the ANC and Mbeki. The other obvious attack on SADC is the western-generated war there that has killed millions.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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