Monday, 19 December 2016


At the Islamophobia conference by Islamic Human Rights Commission last Saturday you had Ramon Grosfoguel (excellent decolonial scholar) and leader of the decolonial Party of the Indigenous of the Republic from France Houria Bouteldja talking a whole load of great sense and me from the floor talking about rising fascism, the terrible situation where our organised resistance forces are meagre to negligible and the massive sell out of the western left to rising fascism such as brexit, trump and le pen. But the room was totally divided by the non brits who seemed to be clear about all these issues and then westernised and white left brits being in total hostility and in denial to all the things obvious to the non brits.

We are stuck: we need an organised force of dozens if not scores of people to do some proper grassroots political liberation work in our communities, but people internalised too much brit colonial garbage and corruption and indulgence and it's nearly impossible to create a force to do anything. I feel so hopeless. I will always primarily defend our global South peoples and countries, there is a real fight and real people and a struggle that means something. It would be nice to be able to develop something here in the 'west' but everything of all what I have studied and nearly 25 years of my own political experience informs me nothing is possible here. I don't know anymore. Everything seems so bleak, I feel more alienated and estranged from activists in the west more than ever, they are living dead that sometimes make some social media posts lol. I feel myself retreating into dark humour as a coping mechanism. I can see the end of the global South on the horizon, I can feel it all slipping away, and I mean: all. It's the start of a very bad political collapse, maybe something will pick it all up? Maybe this is a temporary phase of such collapse of struggle and leadership? Maybe it's not and we headed for a whole new and final bunch of our countries being destroyed in the coming years? No one gives a fuck in the west. They never have to. They only give a fuck about ensuring colonial genocide delivers them their goodies.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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