Monday, 19 December 2016


20 things the western left SHOULD have done in relation to Syria (and still could do!)

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
Dec 14 2016

The western left have shown themselves this last five years since the war on Libya to be near perfect and complete echo chambers and cheerleaders for the destruction of Libya and now Syria, Yemen, and soon to come Cuba, Iran, China and others. Here are some things that western-based radicals should do in relation to Syria, same can be applied for Libya, and Iran, China etc:

1. Understand and study that the ‘UK’ is the number one or perhaps the number two imperialist and colonial power in the world.

2. That the Brit system develops overt and covert wars as a growing fundamental part of its own survival, war is money and domination and collapses obstacles and counter oppositions.

3. Read Patrick Seale’s biography of Hafez al-Assad and Syria, and get a wide appreciation of the history, social struggles and controversies of the Syrian Arab Republic. Really, if you haven’t read this book, you should perhaps have no right at all to speak.

4. Study how the PKK was actually formed in large part through the assistance and support of the Syrian government from the late 1970s until 1999. Lebanese Hizbollah and the Syrian government were the foremost backers of the PKK for decades. This doesn’t excuse some of, what I consider, to be the wrong approach to the Kurdish issue by the Syrian govt, and it doesn’t excuse what I consider the rather politically sectarian approach of the PKK forces to the Syrian govt, when it all said and done, both (in the form of the YPG and Syrian govt) have basically hardly beefed each other this last five plus years, and instead have strategically been on the same side more often than not shooting at the same enemies and not each other.

5. That the brits have colonised and developed sectarianism (Saudi being the most glaring and obvious example) and given weapons, protection to THE MOST depraved sadistic elements in the ‘Middle East, like they have done in other parts of the world: giving life to these extreme anti-people raping lynching elements is the only way in which colonialism has EVER maintained its control

6. Understand how the brits and the french divided the region, and how they sowed the seeds for sectarianism, and study the many Resistance movements and liberation movements.

7. Study the role of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’, and ‘Al Qaeda. (Daesh, Aurar Sham, FSA, Nusra and many others) in many of these countries including Syria in allying with the brits and yanks to maintain the latter’s control and domination in the region through pure terror, and also funding and protection from the ‘west’.

8. Understand how these Resistance movements turned into strategic victories like Hafez al-Assad leading a social revolution of massive land reform and nationalisation on the basis of a mass revolutionary movement and alliances, breaking the back of the imperialist/colonialist-landlord and comprador capitalist rule of Syria; how Syria in the words of leading neocon thinker daniel pipes (I have debated with him twice now on tv) is the ‘Cuba of the Middle East’, ie., that it was and remains a radical socialist-oriented independent state and social experiment.

9. Look into exactly which armed gangs and death squad factions the brits are closest too, who the brits are financing and protecting and proliferating.

10. Look into, expose and campaign against how the brit state is developing death squad recruits in britain itself. Some *850* (!!) people have gone to join Daesh this last several years. Who is organising them? How is the british state protecting them? How is the left and liberal circles providing white wash and cover for this? There are SPECIFIC and easily appreciable death squads including Daesh but many more that are openly organising here with protection and facilitation and more from the british state. FIND OUT who they are and expose and campaign for an end to this dirty bloody racket.

11. Learn and popularise how this country has gone to open and covert wars with Syria and the allies of Syria. Learn about Lebanese Hizbollah and the Amal movement in Lebanon (backed by Syria). Learn about the different socialist, marxist and communist organisations in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and other places that the Syrian govt has and continues to support and give asylum, refuge, and even military training to. Including Palestinian Islamic Jihad I should add amongst others.

12. Understand how the brit state organises its junior partner Saudi Arabia to ensure a very sectarian perversion of Islam is what most Mosques in this country churn out and brain wash people into. Understand that there are A LOT of Muslims totally fed up and disgusted by this racket, but they have no voice and nowhere to go and no one to give them leadership politically.

13. Find the answer as to why the west has decided at this historical juncture to destroy Syria, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, try and destroy Algeria, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan. Find out why former nato and usa military leader wesley clark said Syria, Libya, Iran and Korea were all in-line to be attacked by the yanks.

14. Learn about how before in 1982 the west tried to team up with the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ in Syria and conduct an armed (failed) coup that involved killing many state functionaries, and this happened the same year the zionist state invades and occupies Lebanon until they were expelled largely by Syrian govt -backed resistance movements.

15. Learn how the Syrian govt has some of the most progressive policies and successes on women rights and equality, health, education, industry, and how Syria is one of the few countries in the world that has little to no imperialist media, advertising and economic penetration. No adverts for coca-cola, hollywood shite films, and absolutely no engagement with the zionist state, actually a continuing state of war between the two for many many decades.

16. Look into why the western left has hated and campaigned against *EVERY SINGLE* actual liberation ideology and liberation movement and country. Investigate why THIS is one of the most effective forms of RACISM/WHITE SUPREMACY that serves the said system.

17. Look into and appreciate why and how the Syrian govt is very close to the best socialist countries we have had and have, for example the VERY close relations between the Syrian govt and the FSLN, Cuba, Vietnam, ANC etc.

18. Understand how Syria and Libya fit into a larger strategy and design of the destruction, yes, just the total destruction of further countries, with Iran, Algeria, Egypt and others directly under threat of total annihilation.

19. Appreciate how the failures of the western left on all these things and more has directly meant that people have sought more what *seems* to be much more functional answers from the far right and the fascists especially when it comes to the western state collusion with death squads in fake islamic garb, these fascists manipulate to promote their own vicious racist agenda, at the same time increasing amounts of people an see that these death squads are directly supported by the west, but the western left is mostly helping and assisting this western state - death squad collusion and coordination.

20. OPPOSE COLONIALISM AND IMPERIALISM!! You are living in the most genocidal entity known to anyone ever, and this state and system is STILL conducting and planning further genocides and destructions. Understand that your role is to really only oppose your own state that is wreaking havoc around the world, and the havoc is directly funding your privileges and raised existence in the world. Or is that the reason you will basically cheerlead every imperialist project of destruction against us, cos you just want to protect your colonial indulgences and lifestyle?

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