Friday, 18 November 2016


the over-emphasis, the obsession with cussing hilary (i am not supporter at all of course), giving primacy of attacking hilary over trump, and frankly the amount of not very subtle trump promotion or just open trump celebration: all of that has led us exactly to where we are today.

Hilary represents most of the existing ruling circles and the continuation of the imperialist order in a context of growing imperialist crises.

Trump represents a small section of the ruling circles who decide that fascism is the direction to go into, to help along the freefall collapse of the status quo towards a fascist imperialist status quo.

For me this is utterly A B C stuff. Why have people lost sight of the utter basics?

We are deep in a ideological, ethical, cultural collapse that is directly feeding trump, brexit.... more is to come. PLEASE don't be party to any of it. We have had more than enough now of these massive smacks in our peoples faces.

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm
Nov 10 2016

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