Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Don't Be Party to Another Political Assassination of Jo Cox

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

In recent years since the end of the 1990s we have seen the rise of a new fascist movement, the 1990s until the mid 2000s saw the rise of the fascist BNP, they ended up getting hundreds of councillors in the early 2000s, and then the state and intel services pulled the plug on them and instead focused on developing other leading fascist organisations such as UKIP, EDL and then Britain First, as well as allowing a whole bunch of other smaller fascist and nazi organisations to flourish in this same time.

The fascist organisations, led by an increasingly open racist state and population, terrorised our communities especially Muslim communities for years, attacks, murders galore. Then came the great fascist upsurge with the brexit referendum and its brexit victory. This was greatly excited, united, galvanised the entire fascist, nazi and far right elements directly and openly with the state for the first time in this country's history. Jo Cox was one of the most hard working anti-Brexit campaigners, shitty politics on Syria: yes, but she was attacked by a fascist terrorist because she was seen as pro-immigrant, pro-Muslim.

thomas nair is the same of the killer, he was(/is) a fascist obsessive, he had a gun, knives, fascist magazines from around the world, and stabbed Jo Cox in broad daylight 15 times and shot her all within 2mins, the first time ever a sitting MP has been killed in this country. The murder of Jo Cox is he greatest political assassination in this country since the 'troubles' in the occupied Irish counties that ended in the late 1990s (although Ireland is still occupied by the brits).

Nair shouted "britain first" before he killed Jo Cox, linking his action directly and explicitly with an actual fascist organisation that is protected and facilitated by the state - Britain First; and this murder is an overtly political terrorist act inspired directly by a fascist upsurge known as Brexit.

And THIS is the second murder of Jo Cox, there has been an amazing non-stop white wash and cover up to these issues of state-sponsorship and protection of far right / fascist terrorism, MANY far right terrorist attacks take place including people who are badly maimed and even killed, organised terrorist attacks from organisations that are never addressed at all; it has been a total cover up of the fact that Brexit has united all the many scores of fascist, nazi and far-right factions united with ukip, the tories going right into a direct alliance in the Brexit campaign with elements of the labour party and the even 'far left'.

The second murder of Jo Cox is to deny and white wash, cover up and systematically ignore ALL the actual contexts and premises that directly led to her assassination. Don't be fooled, as *soon* as Jo Cox was killed, the intel services went into full action to 'control the message', they downplayed it totally and have ensured that from Jo Cox's husband, to Corbyn, to the entire labour party and connected community that none of them dare ask for what really must be demanded:

- A public inquiry into far right terrorism that killed Jo Cox and has attacked many others

Amazing that in a context of clearly growing fascism in this country and across the west, no one has bothered to demand a independent public inquiry into this, to investigate what's going on with the far right terrorist community in this country and what the authorities are doing about it and how they are interacting about it.

Jo Cox, like Arek Jozwik, is our martyr in the struggle against New Fascism / 21st Century Fascism. Tragically, there will be more. How can we treat these martyred humans in such a degraded manner that we, and especially those who have much more influence than us such as Corbyn etc that they can't even demand basic justice and dignity in demanding a political investigation to this *politically motivated hate crime/terrorism*. It is because this is political expediency, Jo Cox's murder is a really awkward irritation to Corbyn and the pro Brexit Fascist Left. If you don't believe me, ask them! Ask them and you will hear them all day everyday say 'its nothing to do with brexit'. Nothing?! The guy shouted "britain first" during the brexit referendum and attacked and killed a woman who was campaigning for Remain.

Going forward, we MUST demand investigations into these things, but we ourselves must do the political struggle and investigation into this, because the british state is working hard to manage these array of fascist and nazi forces that are now united in a massive brexit fascist alliance, and the left is for the most collaborating to cover-up this scandal cos they are either pro brexit fascism themselves, or even if they are not pro brexit, many of them are defending the fascist collaborators and are arguing that the murder of Jox Cox has no connection with brexit.

Please do not join in a second fascist assassination of Jo Cox, expose and fight the British state - far right alliance and collusion.

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