Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Islamic Republic of Iran and Lebanese Hizbullah sold out the Libyan Jamahirya in 2011, in a fit of deep opportunism and embarrassing wrong-headedness they threw that people and country to the Nato devils and their death squad dogs, Iran joined in destroying that country by their media *and* by sending military to assist the raping lynching mutilating Nato death squads. Iran has to date expressed no reflective critical corrective as to this. These are all facts.

*HOWEVER*, as imperialism develops a war of destruction against Iran, we who are loyal to the Green Jamahirya and United Libyan anti-imperialist Resistance, should not in our approach to this stoop to the level the Iranians in 2011, one does not take on an unethical criminal approach, just cos some other fool does so. No, we remember how decade after decade Gaddafi had Iran's back, sometimes the only Arab (Africa) leader to do so; how throughout 2011 he stated that his resistance to Nato is also defending Iran, he knew the sell out the Iranians did to Libya, but never admonished them but instead reached out to them saying that they are both in the same struggle and they should unite. It was VERY dignified of Gaddafi to have behaved in that manner and, as as you all know, I took a lead from that dignified but critical stance and have never attacked IRI although their opportunism at times wrankles greatly.

Failing to defend Iran as imperialism comes for it, is a disservice to the struggle and our resistance in Libya, as if Iran falls, it will make the tasks of the Libyan Resistance so much harder, an attack and destruction of Iran will signal the coming destruction of the region further and Algeria, which will directly negatively impact the Libyan Resistance.

I am no less upset than anyone else about the Iranians and Hizbullah in 2011, I know more than a lot of people about the Iranian - Libyan dynamic and problems, but am an no fool, I am not someone who allows our enemy ANY space to pass, and neither did Gaddafi despite all his mistakes (that pale into insignificance frankly compared to his victories that continue increasingly awe and inspire me everyday), Gaddafi would back EVERY position against the common enemy, he sought to bring us ALL together, remember his speeches at the Arab League where he stated all this clearly. Follow the great man, not one's own petite egos of resentment and bitterness.

Let's be wise and dignified in our approach to decolonial anti-imperialist struggle, we are going into even more political disasters and the thing we more and more desperately need is unity, clear sightedness, heightened mature and sophisticated political vigilance and an ability to not fall for but scupper every single direct and indirect colonial divide and rule. Stay Green and clean.

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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