Wednesday, 13 July 2016


I know I am a lone voice on this, and I truly wish I will be proved totally wrong, but what if all this Corbyn hype leads to the end of the Labour Party, the end of the left, what if this all results in the total wipe out of the left, that Labour Party whether one or two parties formed as a result of a split and that means ukip and the tories taking over even more in england?

Are people really taking things very seriously, and thinking it all through? Or is this a mass delusional fantasy project? Like I said, I truly hope I am proved very wrong, but forgive me, I honestly think this is total disaster and not the historical brink of a new left Labour Party that will march to victory at the general election and usher in Corbyn as a socialist PM.

For me, I think it's obvious what's happening and unfolding, but enjoy the ride, I hope it gets you to the destination you think it's going. I think your destination is a very different place. But let's see where we end up. I have made my analysis and prediction clear.

Labour is an institutionally imperialist and genocidal colonial part of this UK state, it always was and remains so. At the same time for good and for bad it has also provided a distorted eurocentric space for the left, including anti imperialist oriented global south diaspora.

The LP had neutralised itself as a force in this country and is most likely to split and totally destroy itself. I don't think this is a good thing, it will mean a total right and far right take over totally in England. If a better political force was going to replace the LP I would welcome it, but it's not.

I hold ALL parties responsible in and around the LP for this historical disaster about to unfold. While political factions and forces think they are doing it all for the people etc, the objective fact is that all forces involved in the LP are helping to put vulnerable and oppressed people in a very weak position as we go into the most vicious period we have seen for generations, and while they bicker and destroy the LP nearly all are deciding to do nothing to actually prepare our oppressed people for the growing hell they are being put through.

Near all political sense has long gone, and many of us outside the circles of hyper delusions are watching this with total horror.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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