Sunday, 17 July 2016


RIP our brother Alton Sterling, who was shot dead by Baton Rouge police officers,

3 police gunned down today in #BatonRouge, Louisiana: As many comrades have been saying for generations, and as I have been saying for decades (have to thanks James Stuart for schooling me in this since the 1990s) the usa, as is most of the west, is here and now at the start of what we predicted was going to be the eruption of a Black-led developing war within the 'west' and esp in the usa against imperialism's and racism's growing oppression and now definitively going towards domestic fascism. I didn't expect this situation to have arrived so quick, several months ago or a year ago, I wasnt even necessarily thinking I would live long enough to see what we are seeing.

The other thing that I was not expecting is that when we discussed the situation we are seeing now, we all thought that the global and domestic radical and revolutionary leadership would exist, it does not exist. We thought that there would be mass-based radical liberation organisations, something even more wiser and sophisticated than the Black Panther Party and others, but we don't have any of that. We don't even have an upsurge so far that is strategic in its capacity, that charts history.

However, with the amount of state and popular racist tensions and oppressions, and with the way in which 'social' media conveys the amount of depth of the police and racist oppression, it was only going to be a matter of time before the trauma, profound upset coming from the blood and tears of our people was going to inspire armed actions against the police; we had it before in the 1960s and 1970s, but back then we had any excellent global leaderships (MANY all across the global south continents! So many to pick from! lol), today we have none, and have a LOT of imperialist liberal and colonial fascist confusion. Nevertheless, the militant actions reacting from increased racist oppression will continue, its mathematics, its scientific; no one's moralising can or will change this. At the same time, the developing of armed actions against the forces of the colonial state, WITHOUT a objective and subjective leadership and growing revolutionary capacity, means our communities are in a much weaker and more precarious situation that if they had a growing revolutionary capacity.

That being said, and the usa society going into this racialised class war, the continuing development of militant armed struggle and the cycle of oppression/increased-violence-/protest s-increasing/armed/militancy will continue to grow. Although the organisational and leadership capacity is not there, THE references for struggle are basically two Black communities in the usa and arguable throughout the 'west': 1. Malcolm X. And 2. The Black Panthers. Even Beyonce has to reference both when artistically commenting on the developing situation at the Superbowl performance. Our Black communities will get there.

I just hope and pray and work very hard that we arrive at a more effective liberation capacity and organisation sooner rather than later. All this 'horizantal organising' stuff, while important that we have conversations about inclusivity and developing a all-community-involving strategies, this stuff has to end, the liberalism and reformism has to be cast aside, and serious community and liberation organisations that have discipline, clarity and revolutionary strategies need to be built asap. We need all forms of organising, but no point having too much flab and not enough muscle and brain coordination. I know its a lot more complex, but hey, this reformist-liberal stuff is designed to fail. It only works strategically in countries where they have serious paramilitary or state support, such as in some 'latin' American countries, but outside of that, its a quick path to failure and all the shit that comes with that.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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