Wednesday, 27 July 2016


I think its quite clear now that the failed coup was an attempt by USA-UK-'israel'-Saudi to attempt to give a grave warning to Erdogan to not defacto admit defeat in Syria in its depraved supremacist death squad project and by apologising and starting to normalise relations with Moscow, and even start in that direction on Damascus.

Turkey is busy denouncing the USA, demanding former Erdogan ally tuned now turncoat Gulen back, the Russian media is abuzz with happiness that Erdogan is turning away from the usa and towards Moscow [1].

Russian fascist leader Dugin, who is *THE* leader of a lot of these infiltrating fascists, some of whom are paid directly from his organisation, is full of excitement about it too, in this typically egotistical piece from Ankara [2], shows clearly the shift of Ankara towards Moscow.

The Nato's supremacist death squads, who are much of the western left's darlings in Syria have known for a while the game is up, but that fact is getting through even more [3].

What this means is:

1, This is further proof of a major historical defeat for Nato and imperialism and its death squad project, although its by no means the end of it and

1a, Although this is a defeat for them now this tactic of using death squads is and will be further used across the GlobalSouth especially in the majority Muslim lands, and as we can see especially in France and now Germany, will be used by in the 'West' also.

2, This is a historic defeat for Nato etc, and a great victory for the GlobalSouth although with the amount of death and destruction that continues and escalates, it doesn't really feel like it in many ways.

3, This will mean that the global anti-imperialist movement will be strengthened, Turkey enter into better strategic relations with Russia and also China and Iran etc, will mean an important capacity building politically and economically (militarily also) for the GlobalSouth preparing itself for growing imperialist wars of destruction as we have already seen in many countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Mali, Syria etc).

4, However, there are some very awkward elements to this development as well. Personally, I will never support Erdogan's supremacist politics, using and abusing Islam for this sordid depraved project of his no matter how much he shifts away from Nato to our global side. As long as he has this fascistic ideology, I will welcome any move of *Turkey* away from imperialism towards the GlobalSouth, but I am not going to give any political support to Erdogan. We have to accept and work with contradictions: I support Russia arming the GlobalSouth, but I dont support its promotion of fascist politics, I support India's right to deepen in BRICS and pro GlobalSouth role on many levels, but I oppose the BJP/RSS supremacist sectarianism; I support the East Ukranian anti-Nato united front, but I don't support the leading part of it which is fascist-oriented right wing nationalists.

Erdogan's agenda going forward if deepening an alliance with anti-imperialist forces is a generally helpful thing to anti-imperialism but his agenda is still a big one across especially the Muslim world.
Will Erdogan/AKP be put under manners by Iran & Egypt (AGAIN pointing to the urgent necessity of Egypt & Iran getting on with a strategic unity!), or will they continue their dirty games on a lower level and try and hegemonise and de-fang Gaza and play a dirty role across the region?

5, Erdogan is turning Turkey even more fascist, the repression is massive and terrifying. The Turkish left and Kurdish movement is very weak, the former much weaker than the latter. They have no strategic power, although the Kurdish movement have some, but in a context of Moscow and Erdogan becoming buddies, where does that leave the Kurds? In a not very great place, does this mean the PKK and YPG will deepen their ties into a strategic one towards Nato? Or will they manage to find some accommodation between Damascus, Moscow and Ankara? Erdogan is a abusive control freak who is vengeful and nasty. It's going to be a task to not get him to want to murder every pro PKK person etc. But he has ate humble pie and apologised to Moscow, so let's see.

6, At a time of fast growing confusion and divisions and infiltration by fascists in anti-imperialist and generally 'radical' circles, now is not the time to trust in a growing GlobalSouth leadership as we had until circa 2010. Now is the time to try and develop collective unity and political leadership no matter how difficult this task, as the stakes are now too high, full fascism in the West is on the horizon clearly, a new round of vicious imperialist wars is about to be unleashed, with possible major bombing of China, possibly also against India, Russia, Iran and wars in 'latin' America and Africa, both covert and overt, about to be unleashed.

The period from 1999 to 2010/2011 was a GlobalSouth giving increasing leadership, remember the conferences with Chavez, Gaddafi, Mugabe, Ahmadinejad, Lukashenko, Morales, Castro, Correa and others all building up their unity and leadership? Those golden era days are GONE! Sadly some of them are dead and gone.

What we have now are a lot of these forces on the political retreat or even historic political defeats, near total collapse of leadership and giving global leadership, this is resulting in clearing the path to fascism. It's very frustrating there is no leadership being given from Morales, Correa, Castro, Mugabe, China etc. But they are all very consumed by their own challenges of trying to maintain their position in the brink, or in the case of China frantically batting away imperialist war plans against them, and preparing for the big showdown. China *might* just have to give more leadership to the West as the USA and less so UK especially continue their war plans against it. But there is no guarantee! We are on our own! We have to politically act, build and develop leadership like we are on our own.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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