Wednesday, 20 July 2016


There is a disturbing trend amongst a considerable amount of 'radicals' and leftists, they erroneously argue that fascism must be encouraged as this will inspire some kind of ant-fascist response. It is called a theory of 'accelerationism'. 

Unlike the late 1920s and 1930s, we have no mass based communist, anti-imperialist and anti-fascist militant movement, we have the absence of one. Even if we had, to encourage the fascists is really and deeply problematic and frankly a great irresponsible act towards our oppressed peoples. We have a situation whereby fascism is gaining in power on on state and non-state levels throughout the 'West'. Anyway, Guerin says it all better than I. - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Daniel Guérin in Fascism and Big Business (October 1938):

"A particularly dangerous illusion consists in regarding fascism, despite the horror it inspires, as a progressive political phenomenon – as a passing and even necessary, though painful, stage. Rash prophets have announced ten times, a hundred times, the imminent and inevitable crumbling of the fascist dictatorship in Italy or Germany under the blows of the victorious revolution. They have asserted that fascism, by driving class antagonisms to their highest degree of tension, is hastening the hour of the proletarian revolution, even going so far as to contend that the proletariat could conquer power only by passing through the hell of the fascist dictatorship. Today it is no longer possible to keep up such illusions. Events have demonstrated with tragic clearness that the moment the working class allows the fascist wave to sweep over it, a long period of slavery and impotence begins – a long period during which socialist, even democratic, ideas are not merely erased from the pediments of public monuments and libraries but, what is much more serious, are rooted out of human minds. Events have proved that fascism physically destroys everything opposing its dictatorship, no matter how mildly, and that it creates a vacuum around itself and leaves a vacuum behind it."

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