Friday, 1 July 2016


In clear black and white: Corbyn & Co have declared their Brexit, gets worse: McDonnell says freedom of movement is over,"John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, on Friday set out the Labour Party’s economic plan, saying that after the U.K. exits the EU, “free movement of labor and people will come to an end.”" (source, and the other source) ie., he is not supporting freedom of movement! Its of great urgency that the Corbyn camp needs to put pressure on Corbyn and Co to oppose brexit, and reject this whole freefall into far right instability and viciousness that is brexit. There are only two political forces in England who are advocating
Article 50 (fast track brexit) and an end to freedom of movement, those two forces are UKIP and Corbyn camp!

We are facing the total meltdown of the Labour Party and PLP. It is going to be wiped out, whether Corbyn hangs on as leader (very unlikely) or he loses, there will be a split with the right and no so right wing of the PLP/LP, Corbyn & Co's plan ALL ALONG was to split the party, and think the masses will vote in Corbyn as PM while riding on the Brexit wave and somehow achieve socialism. I swear to God this is what they were always planning, and anyone can see this is they appreciated who  Corbyn's inner circle were and are and what their game plan was. No one wanted to know, and now its all too late.

The end of the PLP/LP would be a great thing if it was going to be replaced by something better and had some strategic strength, its not. The Labour Party was and is institutionally an imperialist and racist and colonial thing, but at the same time it does open a problematic but nevertheless left-field space of politics in this country that can be strategically and more so tactically to the benefit of a decolonial anti-imperialist socialist cause. This is about to be totally wiped out. Corbyn could have done so much to buck this trajectory, remember he could have joined the anti-tory anti-austerity alliance offered to him by the SNP, Plaid and the Greens, he rejected that offer and walked away from it. Why? Cos he and his iner circle had this plan which you are seeing wreak havoc.

Anyway, although the coming total historical wipe out of the LP/PLP means further problems for Black, immigrant communities and potential of anti-imperialism in England, our challenges are made more awkward and harder by this political fall out, but the central and growing challenges remains 2: 1, building local community resistance preparation against growing racism and far right attacks, and 2, build a broadest possible united front on a minimal program of defending immigrant and Black communities and opposing the rise of the far right.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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