Friday, 15 July 2016


I know what's in the minds of some comrades who have seen and studied Battle of Algiers and have studied Fanon are trying to make a parallel with Nice when they remember the scene in the film whereby resistance fighters of the FLN attacks the white settlers in the truck, running them over and shooting them. This is a very wrong parallel:

these supremacist attacks in France and also those in Libya, Syria, Iraq and many other of our homelands have behind them not a global South allied FLN but a sordid supremacist force that has been created by and continues to be given life by leading western states and their junior allies in the gulf monarchies and others;

those recruited into these supremacist deaths squads are not Ali La Pointes (FLN militant in Battle of Algiers), but are oppressed people who are recruited into a fascist project backed by the aforesaid imperialist and allied global network;

the actions of these supremacist terror forces are not helping anyone, unlike the decolonial anti imperialist socialist force of the FLN, but the aforesaid imperialist alliance, and are deployed to directly assist imperialist strategies, and in that it is having devastating effects.

We have to appreciate and study and popularise how the usa and UK are the leading forces of this supremacist fascism and terrorism, cos our failure to take leadership and explain in these contexts is directly leading in masses of westerners going towards le pen, brexit, and other fascist forces.

The fascism that the 'West' have been delivering through overt and covert wars especially in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria these past 26 years will inevitably return to the lands it has been exported from - fascism is returning to the West. If the Western states and their people accept the imperialist wars in the Global South, then these colonial actions will weaken the peoples movement for liberation in the West and will and are opening up fascist forces on a state and non-state level.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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