Tuesday, 21 June 2016


‪#‎BrexitFascism‬ wins WHATEVER the outcome this thurs:

1. Brexit wins - we're fucked.

2. Brexit wins with anything over 38 or 40% - we're fucked, cos they will feel they are 'robbed', and I hate to say it, but i think we will then have more blood on the streets with an even more vengeful far right fascist upsurge, as well as a perpetual right wing tory allied to the far right political hegemony for the forseeable future, probably for the rest of our lives (I am 38 yrs old).
If Brexit gets less than 30%, we have a TINY bit of wriggle room.

3, Perhaps the worst case scenario for a even greater fascist upsurge: Brexit wins but Parliament rejects it.

We are going to be plunged into hell and back for the coming several decades, will any real strategic push back take place in these coming decades? I have no idea, but really no sign of it at all. We need a massive global anti-imperialist socialist upsurge to give inspiration, leadership and really jolt the balance of forces in the world for a real peoples Resistance to develop here.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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