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What's Corbyn playing at? 

Nearly two thirds of Labour voters (62%) voted against Brexit (for remain), millions of young people who believe that immigrants and Black people are equal human beings with 'british [white] people' and have left/liberal politics, ie., THERE IS a mass social basis in and around the Labour Party as well as African, Asian & Black communities who feed into that. IF we had a Labour Party leader able to draw upon this grassroots, to inform, inspire and lead these grassroots, we would actually have a strategic push back against the Brexit far right. But Corbyn seems to be pushing in the exact opposite direction.

The *first* thing Corbyn said on the early morning of the Brexit victory was to 1, Capitulate at the feet of the #BrexitFascists by demanding we fast track exiting the EU by invoking article 50 (source)! The other thing he said is that immigration is a real issue that needs to be addressed. Since then he has been increasingly positioning himself as someone who is going to 'fight for plucky england/UK against the EU for brexit', this is positioning him increasingly directly with the UK nationalist right who are similarly invested in 'fighting the EU for the UK' which is neatly centred in the UK right and far right project. Corbyn is fast becoming right now (has already become?) the figure head that the Brexit/Lexit camp are attaching themselves to to develop this UK nationalist fight with the EU.

We have been here before, in a big way. The 'first world war' between the imperialists led to most european socialists siding with their own ruling classes against other european ruling classes which were fighting over greater domination of each others colonies. It was pretty much only James Connolly and Lenin that advocated NOT supporting 'one's own' imperialist govt against another but 'Connolly or quoting Lenin "the question history places before the proletariat is not to choose between war and peace, but between imperialist war and war against this war: civil war.", ie., Lenin and Connolly stated that the masses in europe should fight for a civil war against imperialist in favour of overthrowing imperialism and a socialist revolution.

More from Lenin on this: "Whoever justifies participation in the present war perpetuates imperialist oppression of nations. Whoever advocates taking advantage of the present embarrassments of the governments to fight for the socialist revolution champions the real freedom of really all nations, which is possible only under socialism" ... "Socialists must take advantage of the struggle between the robbers to overthrow them all. To be able to do this, the Socialists must tell the people the truth that this war is a war between slave owners to fortify slavery"

Although of course I am not advocating 'civil war', but the same POLITICAL strategy of refusing to support UK imperialism in a growing dispute with EU imperialism, but sure we can utilise all contradictions towards decolonial, anti-imperialist socialist project.

Corbyn and his team are choosing to ignore the two thirds of Labour voters who are hostile to Brexit, Corbyn is choosing to align himself with UK nationalist 'left' forces who are developing racism further by positioning a showdown with the EU in the context of growing racism and fascism. Part of this is Corbyn's total contradictory position on immigration, while he said a FANTASTIC thing on immigration in this interview by stating there must be no upper limit to it, he also stated that the central colonial feelings that inform racism by people is not racism.

Andrew Marr: But there are lots and lots and lots of people around this country who do feel that immigration is for them a problem, they see their communities changing very, very quickly and they feel their identity is challenged and they feel their kids are not getting school places and so forth. They are not racists. They’re not far right people. They’re just people really worried about immigration and they feel that people like you are not really listening to them.

Jeremy Corbyn: I’m not calling them racists. What I’m saying is it’s a failure of our government to properly fund local authorities. ... (source)

While we must ally with the Labour Party left in a united front against racism and fascism and in defence of immigrant and Black communities, people also should see how Corbyn is walking away from the mass base for a fight back and has since his acendence to the LP leadership has been incrementally going towards the right, not towards the left.

Therefore, this country is without a serious movement towards anti-racism and for a push back against this far right surge as people are still near wholly attached to Corbyn etc, but Corbyn is bleeding the potential for a peoples push back by thinking that the the more racist minority Labour voters are his core base to shape his politics to, rather than what his own followers desperately want: a real developing mass upsurge against the newly emboldened racists and fascists. Tragically, increasing confusion reigns, people will continue to support a useless social democracy until the noose is tightened fully around their/our own necks. We have NO clear organisations with clear politics in England to navigate this, all the while relatively clear leadership coming from SNP, Plaid and Sinn Fein with all their limitations are, as we been saying for decades, the leadership right now. Remember the SNP always warned that if Scots didnt vote for independence, that would lead to a rise of right / far right English triumphalism and a shot at total power through the EU referendum.

In summary, we need to totally reject getting involved in a growing right wing UK nationalist spat with the EU, people should consider putting pressure on the Corbyn camp to not enter into such a spat which they seem to be doing (source), and we need to plan and think about dipping into that mass base for counter #BrexitFascism push back which is African and Asian communities (who voted 72% and 68% against Brexit) and the Labour Party grassroots who voted two two thirds against Brexit, and also the Scots, Welsh, Irish and east european immigrants who are also the social base for a strategic push back of this growing madness.

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