Saturday, 12 March 2016


#TrumpRallyChi #ShutDown 

By Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

While snakes, fakes, fools and tools around and amongst us soft peddle or blatantly peddle the wannabe fascist ruler of the usa - donald trump - the reality is that the entire western world is becoming increasingly polarised as the imperialist crises deepens. The polarisation is most acutely taking place in the most honest of western countries when it comes to imperialist contradictions: the 'USA'.

I have seen the footage from inside the failed Trump rally in Chicago, and I have to really respect the courage and determination of the brothers and sisters who went into that pit of fascist idiots to sabotage the whole thing. They easily could have been lynched en masse, while there was a few scuffles and arrests, it was a small but great victory that joins in with many small victories over the far right such as in dover recently, the brothers who attacked and got stabbed fighting the kkk rally, and the expulsion and slaps administered to the pegida fascists in Dublin recently.

What is happening in the usa, is what many of us have been saying for decades now, and I have to thank James Stuart for educating me on these things and opening the way for a deeper understanding as to colonialism, white supremacy racism and class politics. What is taking place is a racialised class war, racialised by the colonial and now imperialist system, a oppressive racialised construct that nevertheless has been playing itself out in very real terms of centuries.

The usa was always going to go towards an increasing conflict between broadly the revolutionary forces against imperialism and racism, and then the colonial white settlers and those non-whites who have internalised that colonial settler conciousness.

While there were many liberals and Sanders supporters in the protest inside and outside of the trump rally, there were also people who are directly and foremostly impacted by oppression such as poor non-white people, immigrants etc. In this united front in the usa and broader in the west, this is the alliance we have: liberal lefts, left wingers who are historically and should be and will be led by more militant sections of this united front that is oppressed poorer social classes Black n Brown people, radical white working class socialists and anti-fascists, and then the weakest in our united front which is the upper classes and white middle classes and liberals.

The fact is that while the imperialist ruling circles in the usa and across the west want to utilise a main tool in their oppressive apparatus which is white supremacy racism to divide and divert people from uniting against the ruling circles, they also want to have the monopoly of power and control and do NOT want to lose control of their societies, hence the the ruling classes across the west are constantly playing with the fire of their own arson: they play up racialised divisions on all levels of society, and then control the fall out to maintain some law and order to as to continue making their money etc.

The new fascists have a warped and weird paranoid fantasy about the 'white genocide' and all manner of anxieties that spring from the fact that the white colonial / imperialist western world domination is nearing its end, that the billions of victims of colonialism and imperialism are sending tiny but for the west significant numbers into the west to take some crumbs from the millions of tons of loot stolen from us by genocide and rape of 500 years of colonialism and imperialism. All of this is making these freaks go nuts, but they are getting increasingly angry and will be looking to lash out. In the instance of the trump rally, the trump supporters are already demanding revenge. They have been humiliated in a major usa city, in front of many thousands of their loyalists etc.

My guess is that the usa authorities will be trying to keep a lid on this vengeful white fascism, but the genie is out of the bottle to a large extent as well, bigoted mass white hate is out to get anyone and everyone who is not responsible for the slow collapse of their society (targeting especially refugees and migrants, which is a very thin veil for attacking all Black and Asian people, and east european people are not far up from the imperialist hierarchy from Black n Asian people!).

Black and Asian people have got comfortable, but we are here in massive numbers and will never be moved, and we have and do fight off any considerably provocation. Our movement to come here and expand will not be stopped. The western white left is on its arse, as it has been for decades, much of it is joining in with the new fascist current, including self professed 'maxists' and 'socialists' who are pro-actively promoting fascists in our ranks just as they are attacking me in their typically obsessive stalky threatning manner. But the growing conflicts will continue. Black and Asian people and their white allies must hold the line and neutralise all provocations. But while in the usa there is a much more healthier radical scene developing, the rest of the west and this country will not see any serious take up of radical organising until there is somewhere in the world a real clear militant anti-imperialist socialist upsurge that can give some clarity of leadership and world-shaking example of victories.

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