Friday, 22 January 2016


How 21st Century Fascism is Developing Right Now 

It seems that living in the middle of fascism results in most not really appreciating how fascistic are the times we are living in, it is the mundaneness the banality of fascism, the normalisation of growing fascism. So here's a few summaries as to where we are descending:

- Five years ago the things that the european far-right were saying is now being said and implemented even more directly by the 'centre' and the 'centre left' governments, and is being echoed by the left and even far left.

- Leading European politicians, with the French PM today join in, are openly saying that new immigrants and refugees are some kind of existentialist threat to Europe, that Europe is being destabilised by our peoples coming here. (for more on this and the issues around migration, labour, european economies and imperialism, please see this post by the Malcolm X Movement )

- France is in a perpetual and official state of emergency.

- Europe is seeing white supremacist POGROMS and attempts at pogroms against Black and Asian people from East to West, South to North Europe.

- There are increasing concentration camps for refugees and new immigrants.

- There is next to no strategic counter opposition by Black and Asian people, there is no actual anti-racist movement, it is actually only the European states and their media which is (mis)managing this whole situation, and frankly, it is the european imperialist ruling classes who are creating this fascism but also containing it from going totally out of control in terms of emergence of open imperialist white militias who are hunting Black and Asian people: but we are on the cups of that, like I said, the only thing literally stopping that is the european states.

- The european left in general is either totally in bed with the right/far-right (see the open bigotry on display in the campaign of the left against the EU), or it is in bed with liberal imperialism and as such as helping to create the very imperialist wars ('arab spring' etc) that is creating trauma and mass movement of our people to where the money is being looted to and to the source of the destabilisation and war - the West.

This is all in addition to the fact that we have seen on the edge of South and South East europe the western states and their left, centre and right-wing allies champion the literal mass lynching of Black people in Libya and the lynching of Kurds, Shia, Alawi, and many others in Syria as 'peoples uprisings' etc. We are deep in fascism, and hardly anyone is bothering about it.

The imperialist crisis is deepening with no end in sight to its deepening. Things are and will get worse. People and activists and the left are too conceited and egotistical to really wake up to this. The hope lies in a new generation of Black and Asian and white allies to build the fight against this 21st Century Fascism. But we are right at the start of that process, ie., we aren't really even building that ideological and organisational capacity.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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