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#‎YouAintNoMuslimBruv‬ and when I supported AlQaeda

None of us know all the details of the Leytonstone incident. That being said, a few points: I am not sure this hash tag is the most constructive thing, doesn't it just put more undue and oppressive pressure on the Muslim community in many ways including reproducing the very supremacist nonsense of the death squads in as much they call 'takfeer', ie., posture as God and think they have the right to pass judgement on who is a believer and not? One could argue that it is a positive development as it enables Muslims to reject this violent sectarian political trend? But in the absence of any real Muslim leadership against the supremacist death squads in this country and their symbiotic junior relationship to the UK state (that is constantly colluding and directing them in Syria, Iraq, Libya etc, and also here), it is probably going to create more or a mess of a situation, and more unjust pressure on the Muslim community. Let me be clear: I am not at all giving these supremacist trends in Muslim or even Islamic (false) garbs a pass, quite the opposite, but a counter movement to defeat them must be delinked totally from the state and its strategies, as the state is THE global and domestic force which is giving them life and promoting them as a proxy force for their strategic objective, and through the alliance of the very pillars of the death squads which is KSA, Qatar, Turkey and Pakistani ISI. Currently, there is no Muslim-led movement to defeat this supremacism.

The other point I would like to make is about speculating as to the mental health of the Leytonstone tube attacker. The first thing that struck my mind is that in suddenly becomes a mental health issue when its an attack on brits in London, but its a 'jihad' or 'just FSA struggle' and 'revolution' (trots and lefties actually are promoting this!), or its a 'rebel movement' when the SAME thing on a MUCH larger country-wide and region-wide struggle is happening in Libya, Syria, Iraq etc?!

However, ALL of our mental health is adversely impacted by this imperialist and colonial modus operandi and system. None of us escape the madness, the question is how we handle this imperialist madness-inducing oppression? Do we internalise and replicate supremacism in Black n Brown and non-western religious false garbs, or do we fight all colonial supremacism and join in with the actual fight that is fighting to defeat in led by the Syrian govt (the LIbyan govt before, and the Green Resistance today), and Russia, China, Hizbullah etc, and seek to appreciate the state's complex operations and push back on it?

When I supported AlQaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood between circa 2000 and 2007/2008 (long story!), my mental health was directly impacted by two main things: 1, the oppression towards and resistance of the Palestinian and Iraqi people to the colonial and imperialist occupations, and 2, the constant and frequent harassment I was getting from special branch (I had a doctors letter to extend MA at Sussex Uni after I was beaten up and thrown in and then beaten up again in a police cell in 2003, another long story). Their British intel services strategy in relation to me was pretty much the same as what they do to all these other supremacy death squad idiots: they provoke you to push you to be violently provocative (I myself committed no political violence of any kind, thank God), through which they see who you are in touch with in emails, phone calls, meetings etc, and then they continue to push you until you really want to hit back, and then its up to them wether they allow you to do something like 7/7 or Lee Rigby, as they did to those who did those terrorist acts, or they stop you in time and use you as an example by going through their 'justice system' and splashed all over the media. And then AGAIN, once you have been nabbed and splashed in the media, they use the political campaigns for these supremacist death squad fools to again see and monitor the networks, who is in touch with who, they constantly use their spies and infiltrators to continue to develop these strategies.

Its amazing that no one in the 'radical' circles has broken all this down clearly and campaign against it, its such an obvious strategy by the state. And ALL THOSE who are helping these death squads manifested in 'Cage', and similar pro supremacist terror outfits are party to the state strategy. By 2008 I no longer supported AlQaeda and MB as many people do still ('aww, they only victims and human rights cases', 'aww shucks, they only Muslim heroes resisting duh dictators' etc) special branch stopped harassing me and have not since, although of course they watching me closely as they are all activists.
I have many times been self critical and apologised for my previous support to AQ/MB etc. I will write at much more length about that sometime, but basically my in hind sight incorrect position and analysis was that AQ/MB historically were borne out of an alliance with the leading imperialist states and the gulf monarchies and Pakistani ISI however, despite that and all the shit that comes with it, they are resisting the imperialists and through that Resistance they will become LESS sectarian and oppressive and through splits and changes will ally with more global anti-imperialist forces etc. Bin Laden especially and some other statements by the other top leader of AQ seemed to point in that direction.

Towards the end of the first decade of the 2000s it was clear that not only were they not improving but they were becomgin more depraved and sectarian by the day, so I distanced myself and then with their open alliance once again against Libya and Syria in 2011, I called out and have been campaigning against their lynching, raping, looting and direct alliance with imperialism. Through this time I always supported Hizbullah (met them in 2007), Iran (went there in 2008), and the wider Global South struggle.

The CENTRAL issue imho for anti imperialists, the anti war community and Muslims to campaign against and expose and defeat is UK state collusion, its everywhere and obvious. I was foolish to have fallen for their covert strategies, and apologise. I fucked up. Thank God I didn't do anything or prepared any political violence, the one thing that kept me away from such a disastrous path was my direct family and also connected to that was my anti-imperialist socialist ideology and consciousness and understanding. However, lots of people, really the near entire radical scene is still peddling these scum despite the endless and nearly daily pointers to their slavish role to the imperialists. Like I said, gimme a dozen full time staff and we could easily do a better job of exposing this terrorism which is developed by this British state here to oppress the Muslim community, and to recruit death squads to destroy our Homelands. Collusion is no illusion, as the Irish used to say, and that collusion continues today.

I got loads more to share about all this, but in due course.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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