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Reflections on france in the mosaic of imperialist and death squad war against ‪#‎Syria‬ and ‪#‎ParisAttacks‬ etc / or, is france being covertly attacked by other imperialist states and if so, why?:

Of all the leading imperialist States who have led the charge for war and deaths squad destruction of Libya and especially Syria, France has been a leading part of that along with the biggest military in the world of the USA, and the brits. However, coming up to five years of the most intense global imperialist and allied war and ruin project against Syria it has been France and NO OTHER imperialist power that has seen massive terrorist attacks, two now this year after the Jewish market and charliehebdo attack in Jan and now last Friday. This in itself is very intriguing and leads to further critical probing.

France was a leading white supremacist racist colonial power, often a primary or secondary colonial power depending on what period, it is also a leading imperialist state, but its position next to the other primary leading States of the uk and usa is a complex one, complexities which should lead to a more accurate analysis (albeit speculative to some extent) to what is going on now.

France is the most militant country of all the imperialists (except the USA to some extent, war of independence (for the White settler) against the English and all that), the multi staged French Revolution and Napoleon totally transformed Europe into a fedualistic and monarchical one into more of a republican one that, despite being applicable only in the euro colonial context and white peoples, was the most politically radical one. This has made France very awkward friend and ally of the USA and UK.

DeGaulle was post Second World War french leader, leader of the French resistance against Vichy nazi occupied France and blatant 'republican french' colonialist against Vietnam and Algeria amongst others). At the same time due to France's contradictions with especially the USA and UK made France become often a useful ally to the third world. France and its people are like all euro imperialist countries and people deeply racist in their unique french republican way, however their own nationalism informed them to often edge away from the USA and UK into being a partner to certain third world peoples and struggles, it has been the least problematic of all the leading imperialist powers in dealing with Arab struggles.

In this regard France told USA and UK to fuck off and left nato in 1966 and only rejoined under sarkozy in 2008. Remember the yanks renaming 'french fries', 'freedom fries' and calling them 'surrender monkeys' in relation to Iraq 2003, ie., for opposing that war? Anyway, they made up in 2008 and France proved its racist and imperialist nature by leading the charge along with the brits against Libya and now Syria but also Mali. Nevertheless, my feeling is that things have fallen apart between these imperialist States.

France has been hit twice now in massive terrorist attacks in Jan and now last week. These attacks were conducted by death squads, many of whom were in watch lists of the French Intel services. My hunch is that these deaths squads have been given cover by another major imperialist state and partners (perhaps the USA and perhaps Turkey or/and israel?), as these deaths squads cannot move about and organise and conduct this terrorism without some serious assistance. Paul Craig Roberts and Pepe Escobar both pointed to this possibility, Roberts claimed he had inside info pointing to this.

It's a very significant thing that no UK and USA targets have been hit for years but the French get the full brunt of the so-called and rather misleading 'blow back' attacks. This is not blow back, NONE of AlQaeda and Daesh's western attacks have been 'blow back', they are attacks done by self deluded and utterly criminal elements in death squads directed and facilitated by western Intel and regional states Intel (most notably Turkey, KSA, Qatar, Jordan perhaps to some extent and israel).

What makes this line of analysis perhaps more firm is that french leader Hollande has stated that 'Assad is not our enemy, Isis us', an extraordinary breaking of ranks with the hitherto public consensus amongst the imperialists States.

"Hollande earlier this week signaled a shift in his long-standing position that Assad should go before any solution could be found to the Syrian crisis.

While the Syrian president’s ouster is still the ultimate goal, he said Monday, France’s top priority is now the fight against ISIL. The next day the Russian president agreed to intensify his air force’s strikes against ISIL positions, and instructed his generals to consider the French as “allies” in the fight against the Islamic State." (source)

France has accepted the Russian invitation to develop some tiny amount / incremental and tenuous strategic approach defacto under the Russians leadership. In so doing and if that goes through, for the other leading imperialist powers France has sold out to the enemy, and France will be punished for doing so. My conjecture is that this falling out was already taking place behind the scenes, hence punishing and humiliating France TWICE in a year. The attack in Bamako was conducted by english speakers it is reported, and it was Yankee special forces who raised the hotel today in the capital of a country in the french colonial and imperialist zone of influence/oppression.

Remember a few years ago France bombed Mali under the guise of attacking the death squads, the French bombing was a indirect shot across the brits and yanks to say 'this is our sphere, and this is our move in Africa to defend our interests against the USA and UK'.

France is still an intensely racist and colonialist country, but indicators are there is a major falling out between the French and other western imperialist countries between which exists a very tempestuous relationship. It's a shame that white supremacy colonialism is so deeply ingrained in the french masses (as in nearly ALL western masses) that they cannot move away from their racism instead racism is, they foolishly think, a way out of their mess.

Whatever our global anti imperialist side can do to edge a process of dividing or enemies is a very important strategy to employ. France has a history of allying in a relatively better way as an imperialist power with sections of our side, so there is a bit of a political-cultural tradition and history to draw upon. We are living through a period of incredible and seemingly increasingly intensifying changes that brings with it major fireworks. I predict we are going to see further terrorist attacks in the best few days and weeks and it's NOT going to be directed at the brits and yanks, but the French may very well see further attacks on them.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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