Thursday, 10 December 2015


Western leftism / socialism in general has always been the left wing of colonialism and imperialism and has always sought by force or by bribing to get western masses to support imperialism and the loot accrued from that to finance the social benefits of the western masses.

English socialists are very keen on what they call the 'spirit of 45', by which they celebrate the social reforms of the labour govt of clement atlee, they fail to mention and hide the fact that their social reforms of the welfare state was based directly on colonial genocide and specifically against communist led liberation struggle of the people of Malay.

Fast forward to today we saw recently the english lefties and even the 'anti war' leadership champion the destruction of Pro nato death squads in Libya and Syria as a 'revolution', see anti war leader John Rees justifying the death squads in Libya in 2011 here.

Now we have Corbyn; while he says he is against war actually hands over airstrikes votes as some positive principle of 'free votes' and a 'vote of conscience' to deliver illegal UK airstrikes against Syria.

Considering he has done this he and his camp refuse to take any responsibility for their complicity in this imperialist crime and instead excuse themselves and then celebrate a pathetic blairitie election win over and above the violation against Syrian independence in which they have culpability. Directly or indirectly delivering colonialism and imperialism but celebrating 'victories' within the imperialist heartland is a running principle of the western/westernised left for around 150years.

Isn't it time people broke from this utterly unfit for purpose politics and turned towards anti imperialism and socialism as delivered by the peoples of the global South / 'third world'?

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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