Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Whats Corbyn's prospects/possibilities now? 

It's unclear how his project can proceed, unless he settles down to a non-confrontational status quo labour leadership, which is what is seems is happening.

There is no sign of a mass movement developing and backing his position in a trajectory to towards a movement against austerity, racism and war. On war, Corbyn has contributed politically like he has never before in delivering and facilitaing the airstrikes in Syria. While this crossing of the red line and the connected refusal by him and his camp to take any responsibility for this is enough to legitimately denounce this whole project, its important to look a bit more closer as to wether ANYTHING is possible/probable with this project.

There are three main things that could turn Corbyn's project into something oppositional and not just another status quo labour leadership: 1, Scotland and the SNP, 2, potential of a mass movement, and 3, reorienting the parliamentary labour party, ie., removing those MPs who are hostile to his leadership and politics.

1, Without beating the SNP the labour party cannot advance politically, and cannot win the general election. But the SNP are becoming more popular in Scotland, labour party is collapsing to near oblivion there: hence Corbyn and Mcdonnell's left unionist politics and cold pragmatism means they have to stay hostile to the SNP and Scottish independence, with Mcdonnell going as far as saying that for Labour in Scotland "SNP is the main enemy" (source).

To develop a serious anti tory movement the SNP, Greens and Plaid offered Labour at the time of Ed Miliband leading the Labour Party a strategic alliance against the tories. Labour and Corbyn has rejected that and repaid the offer of unity by spitting in the face of the SNP on many issues. The Scots have understood this well (the Scots are just in another superior league to the english colonial left), and are continuing on with their own path.

Failing to unite with the SNP means that Corbyn and Labour will be dragged back into colonial unionist politics, as opposing Scottish independence and the SNP necessarily means cosying up closer to the imperialist status quo.

In EVERY political context whereby a peoples struggle seeks to or is actually weakening an imperialist stranglehold, those who oppose such a movement ed up allying with those forces who maintain the imperialist status quo. This is political A B C.

2, The potential mass movement is in Corbyn's organisation Momentum, which has a dizzying lack of momentum. The first test of this organisation and Corbyn's and Co's leadership of it was to create a movement towards pressuring the anti-war vote. On that it failed totally, and led to great demoralisation in the organisation. The demoralisation over Corbyn's culpability in the war vote has been glossed over by the bliarite election win.

What little militancy Momentum has had has been neutralised by Corbyn's "new politics" which means feather tickling enemies of corbyn in the LP, and being very nice to the tories. When there was some angry push back against those who voted for airstrikes, Corbyn led the charge to tell them off and protect the war mongers. Momentum will not be allowed to develop, it will remain leaderless and stagnant.

3, There has been much talk of deselecting Labour MPs who voted for war. But Corbyn CANNOT campaign to deselect them as he himself told them they have a "free vote" and to "vote with your conscience", they did just that. You can't give them the 'freedom to bomb' and then complain when they do. There is no sign on the horizon that there will be a new breed of pro Corbyn MPs standing for election, or that the Labour MPs composition will develop towards Corbyn.

Cobryn and Co have refused to give assertive and single minded leadership on anything. The english left are without serious leadership, they cannot go beyond their self defeating amateurishness on the one hand, and the corrupt nature of the left on the other; by corrupt I mean the trade union and labour left organisations and people, who are on big money and careers which is directly tied to imperialist economy.

IF, and a big IF: if there is still some fight in this, I will support it. But there is not fight, just capitulation after capitulation, weakness and a constant giving ground to right wing pressure and intimidation. THIS IS WHAT THE ENGLISH LEFT LOOKS LIKE! lol

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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