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USA/'western' imperialist strategic-ideological / political-'cultural' global approach of the last circa 25 years: I was listening to an excellent speech on #Syria by Mohamed Hassan (can't recommend enough! so informative, very funny and charismatic, I mean, a Somali revolutionary scholar with great wit and intelligence. Can you ask for anything more?!) and it reminded me of the different strategic-ideological policies of the USA in its global imperialist approach, and Mohamed's speech helped me to bring this together in my head (note: I am using USA ideologues, USA is still the leading imperialist power and who defines general imperialist global policy, there are tensions and contradictions with other imperialists like germany, france, uk, italy etc, but all these countries are still taking the defacto lead from the usa):

By the end of the 1980s and start of the 1990s, the imperialists had won a massive historic albeit temporary victory with the end of the anti-imperialist and socialist global bloc and unity which was the Socialist Eastern Bloc, and its allied GlobalSouth forces. The last leader of the the USSR who led its  dismantling (one of the most pathetic political figures in history ever) Gorbachev was promised by the imperialists that if imperialist (west) and socialist Germany (east) united on the terms of the west, then Nato would not expand eastwards. Of course Nato did just that. This was a time of the 'New World Order', ie., the establishment with a vengeance of the monopoly of power by imperialism, a vengeance which was illustrated by the crucifixion of the nation and people of Iraq from 1990 through to 2003 (and arguably this war of destruction continues today in Iraq), and also the 'global clearances' or economic genocide which was the 'structural adjustment programs', which is the looting of our GlobalSouth and former socialist countries national and peoples assets by the imperialists.

Along with this 'NWO' was the ideological framework of that historic moment which was Francis Fukuyama's 'End of History' posture. This said that western imperialism and its 'democracy' was the end line of human history, that no other counter oppositional system, no alternative was viable or possible, and Humanity has arrived at its end goal - imperialist domination! I still remember as a teenager of around 16yrs old becoming politically aware how popular and hyped Fukuyama's shit was. It was a deliberate revanchist, triumphalist and of course deeply racist advocacy whose hype did actually demoralise some anti-imperialists.

But towards the end of the 1990s, it was obvious to all that there was no end of history, and rather than the end of the struggle to replace imperialist-capitalism, there was major forces that were pushing back against this and fighting for a counter and anti-imperialist system. So by 1996 'Clash of Civilsations' was published by Samuel Huntingdon. He framed things in a very racist manner but moved away from Fukuyama's thesis and argued that the future WILL hold clashes between the west and non-west, but in an of course continuing consistent white/western supremacist manner argued that the clash will be between 'civilisations', he said the most primitive and barbarous is the Muslim civilisation (whatever on earth he thought that actually was, talk of imperialist essentialisations!).

These 'clashes' are not 'civilisational' as such, though the ancient trajectories of different social systems, countries and blocs does inform their present nature, but the clashes are rooted in a counter-oppositional conceptualisation of world relations connected to the economic-political nature of countries and blocs. For e.g., most countries want a world order in which no power denominates and oppresses and seeks hegemony, but there is mutual respect and that the system which feeds of exploitation and war (imperialist-capitalism) is ended. And then there are more defined counter oppositional forces to imperialism such the biggest which is China which is anti-imperialist and oriented in an anti-capitalist manner although they are still going to use capitalist mechanics for national development for the next 15 or 20 years.

But even the Clash of Civilisations racist-imeprialist nonsense was again superseded by a more honest and violent ideological-strategic approach, and that was the ascendence to the leadership of the USA of the 'Project for a New American Century' (PNAC) that led the USA and UK and others into the wars of destruction in Afghanistan and Iraq, and also we should include the war against Lebanon in 2006 and other things. PNAC was the impatient strategic approach of imperialism to just smash quickly any opposition, and the attacks on these countries were also attacks on ALL GlobalSouth peoples but also against a rising Russia, China, India and what came known as organised as the BRICS and allied countries.

PNAC and Iraq led to a massive historic defeat for imperialism, the Iraqi Resistance bogged the empire down so that other places pushing back against imperialism could do so without the military harassment and attacks that would have otherwise happened if Iraq had not happened. In one attack against which saw some 6 yankee mercenaries lynched by the peoples resistance in Iraq in Fallujah, the oil prices shot up and this also helped the GlobalSouth anti-imperialist struggle.

Finally, we are brought to up till today. After PNAC and its slogans of 'shock and awe' imperialist war and 'full spectrum dominance' (literally another way of saying PNAC), the USA and imperialism found itself in a weaker position globally not stronger, and decided on a change of tack. That change of tack was two main things: 1, in a world of rising GlobalSouth, get a non-white guy in charge of the empire: enter Barak Hussein Obama to the presidency, a move to try and lull people's viligance vis a vis imperialism. I made a political mistake in that I thought Obama was an admission of defeat in the world against the GlobalSouth, and that we were going to see the USA retreat into itself and respect the world more. I was right that it was an admission of defeat, but did not appreciate that it was just a change of colours to make the system more efficient in its efficacy of imperialist domination even in a world situation where imperialist reach was and is contracting.

Part and parcel with the Obama policy was distracting non-white people in the west away from the GlobalSouth into obsessing about themselves as western supremacists on the backs of the people of the GlobalSouth, or what I call: eurocentric identity politics.

The other major arm of the Obama policy is the Arab Sting: a trendy new age imperialist counter revolutionary project, which has brilliantly and very effectively knocked out whole regions of the GlobalSouth especially Libya, Syria, Yemen but also Tunisia, Yemen, Pakistan and Iraq and Afghanistan on-goingly. 2, The 'Pivot to Asia', which is an official slogan of USA global policy. This Pivot to Asia has to be seen along with Brezinski's (a leading ideologue of imperialist global policy, mastermind of imperialism's policy to destroy the left nationalist Afghan government in the 1980s, and bring to world prominence the forces that they used to do so: 'AlQaeda' and this supremacist armed gangs parading falsely under the banner of Islam). Brezinski believes in dominating the EurAsian area (basically all of Asia including North Africa, right up to knocking on west europe) which means destroying China and Russia and its regional allies, hence the 'Pivot'. The USA's attack on Ukraine and leading through the nose germany, france and the uk in destabilising Ukraine and also the attack on Syria (less so but still importantly Libya and Yemen) is a direct part of this strategy to destroy China, Russia and all our GlobalSouth connected Homelands (which is the overwhelming majority of peoples and countries in our Homelands).

We are currently in this last stage I have just outlined of imperialist war and our connected Global Resistance. The epicentre of this global battle is in Syria. This is why imperialism and its regional agents are going crazy to ensure that their policy of war and destruction in Syria does not fail. Syria and its partners (Iran, Hizbullah, Iraq and Russia formally, but also a host of other countries more informally and covertly) are deep in the battle currently and are doing very well. The key to the Syrian war is Turkey's role in it and its use of its border with Syria to feed in a endless supply of supremacist mercenary depraved criminals (called' rebels' and even more positive terms by the Saudi-aligned Muslims and imperialist lefties and liberals). If we can come to a positive resolution to Syria, which it seems we are clearly headed towards, then we have a good chance at sorting out other places in North Africa and the region. But the USA wants to also develop war against China in the South China Sea.

The imperialist crisis and the problems that ensue for itself through the crisis means that imperialism has its own implosions to deal with that off puts its global imperialist designs, but never underestimate the ability of western imperialism to keep at their dirty games until our side is degraded. If we lose Syria, we are in a deep problem, as Syria will be used (it is to a smaller extent) as a base ('AlQaeda' literally means 'the base', which was Afghanisan before) for imperialist wars of destruction. If we lose Syria it will be THE breeding ground to proliferate the imperialist death squads right across Russia in the Caucus (nearly 10,000 Caucus sourced death squads are currently in Syria! mainly from Chechnya and Dagestan), and also they will be launched in other places in Central Asia and against China, and also the penetration of imperialist divide and rule will deepen across Africa from the north southwards.

Imperialism versus anti-imperialism. This is the main political situation since the rise of colonialism nearly 500 years ago. The central part of the square off was yesteryear in China and India (late 1940s) Korea, Algeria, Egypt (1950s), Vietnam (1960s and early 1970s), Zimbabwe, Angola, Mozambique, Namibia (1970s), South Africa and Palestine (1980s and then early 2000s), Serbia (1999), Iraq (2003) Lebanon (2006). Today it is in Syria. It's on!

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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