Thursday, 3 December 2015


This was me speaking on #Libya last night on CCTV America (english language Chinese state current affairs and news TV) with a pro Nato Libya called Omar Turbi. Mr Turbi said all the usual mad stuff about how 'Libya is a better place now cos you have freedom of speech' (although he couldn't not state any other improved situation and he himself admits he cannot return to Libya, and all his political colleagues were all in the political reform project of Gaddafi's govt before and up to 2011).

But Mr Turbi is quite nice to me and quite clear about some of the desperate situations in Libya, and my speculation is this is because he is a supporter of the Tobruk govt of Gen Haftar. Gen Haftar's people are in an unofficial alliance with wide sections of the anti-imperialist pro-Gaddafi Green resistance (and there is wide swathes of the Green resistance who are not also), and the Haftar camp also is promoting the release of political prisoners and reconciliation with our comrades, including our leading comrades being tortured in the death squad dungeons. For that reason amongst others the imperialists refuse to give the Tobruk govt any weapons etc to achieve some positive movement in Libya, and also Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria are all basically consumed with their own imperialist death squad created problems, although Sisi gives some support to Haftar.

Many thanks to the colleagues at CCTV America for the privilege and honour of being able to defend our GlobalSouth countries and struggles on a platform organised by our Chinese comrades. I am a servant as best I can serve the cause of our peoples and countries against imperialism, nothing else.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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