Thursday, 31 December 2015


Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Reflections on 2015 going into 2016 * Stay LOYAL to the inter-generational struggle against imperialism and for independence and socialism! * Towards 2016 as the year to combat 21st century fascism in all its forms! Not only this last year, but the last near five years has been a horror story with a two name title to it: Arab Sting. A veritable profound and deep counter revolution informed by imperialist conciseness of foolishness in playing with power in a context of only the pro-imperialist political forces from the liberals to the right/far-right having the strategic control while revolutionary forces having small to insignificant capacity; self hate of our own people towards their own societies and achievements and a willingness to throw it all in the air for the imperialists to catch all and thus to play with it as they wish. We have seen Homeland after Homeland collapse into division and nightmares that we could have only dreamt in our worst nightmares: mass lynchings (Libya and Syria), sexual enslavement (Syria and Iraq), destruction of the poorest Arab country (Yemen), destruction of the 'Cuba of the region' (neo-con, daniel pipes) of Libya and the near destruction of Syria and the rise again of a Turkish government open war by means of tanks and helicopter gunships against Kurdish people. The Arab Sting is an on-going operation against the independence of our countries and sabotaging any global alliance between our countries and China and Russia. However, there has been some complications to the Sting: starting from Egypt's rejection of the nato proxies of the Muslim Brotherhood through to the Syrian govt invitation to smash the death squads, we are seeing the tide turning, but it's a precarious push back and much remains to be done although daily we have strategic good news from Syria. On the other hand, and the real good news is not only Russia's smart counter resistance to Nato in the arenas of Ukraine (Crimea and East Ukraine) but also in the media war (Russia Today), we have China's increasing global leadership as the veritable global anti-imperialist bank, the initiation of the Asia Infrastructure Bank and the New Silk Route projects. These are truly historic earth shaking initiatives, especially the Silk Route project that is going to transform Asia. Despite these advances, we see the continuing lack of global revolutionary leadership, which combatively we had in the form of the mid 2000s alliance between Gaddafi, Chavez, Castro, Ahmadinejad, Mugabe, Assad, Lukashenko and others. We have lost that relatively cohesive global leadership, and in the absence of Chavez and Gaddafi, we have lost our bounce and swagger that we once had. Connected to this is the continuing rise of imperialist fascist politics that is directly connected to the growing global crises of imperialism on all fronts, a developing fascism permeating the entire western political spectrum. For the liberals and the left the Arab Sting is a 'revolution': lynching, rape, sexual enslavement, looting, total collapse of societies for them is something of the fragranced perfumes of a spring, for us it is a fate worse than death. Across the world and in western countries the western/westernised left and liberals pimping and the industrial rape industry is positively 'sex work'; the struggle against sexism and male domination has turned and descended into defending men who become women (trans), and anti-racism is now colonial divide and rule spun as 'safe space' and 'privilege calling'. One could not get a more cliched example of the growing decadent and parasitic indulgence of a imploding empire, whereby the spoilt children of a dying empire are posturing their parasitism as liberation, defending desperately their imperialist given standard of living and culture and anti-ethics. For the western political centre and right and far right, they are basking increasingly in white supremacist racism and resurrecting the old nazism and fascism of the past whereby their beloved (increasingly non-white) white europe is being infiltrated by the 'global conspiracy of jews, globalists, jewish bankers, hook-nosed islamists' of the refugee crisis, whereby pogroms and mass mob attacks against Black and Brown people is becoming the new 'european native resistance' against the general crisis of their imperialist system. The entire political spectrum in the west except for a tiny few partial examples, is manifesting what I call '21 century fascism', whose central character is the promotion of the imperialist and racist destruction of our peoples, governments, leadership and Homelands as something to celebrate, and the division of oppressed peoples from the left and liberals as what I call eurocentric identity politics and from the right as the old style racism and xenophobia. Only a new global leadership that directly addresses these issues at the head of an anti-imperialist upsurge can start to clean these aegean stables of filth. Such recent examples have basically only been Hugo Chavez: he had the political understanding, the strength of character and charisma and the leadership of a national, regional and global struggle to implement some kind of leadership. He has gone, we await the next and hopefully greater and better and more effective global leadership. We need our masses of poor in our Homelands to develop the organisation and political understanding to develop the united front against imperialism and for independence and socialism, that only has come in history with the advent of a new global revolutionary forces be it post 1917, or post 1945 (China, India, Vietnam, Korea, Algeria, Egypt), but this will not happen without leadership and organisation. Looking forward to 2016, it is time that anti-imperialist forces went into a more confrontational ideological battle with the 21st century fascist forces and their backward views. Anti-imperialists loyal to our historical and current actual global struggle will have to do it, as no one else will do it, and no one else will support us in doing so, although we can use the slowly increasing Global South media platforms to conduct this struggle. It is time to expose and thoroughly critique to defeat their nonsensical political positions. They are nothing but counter-revolutionary paper tigers who rely on fascist bullying, often on (anti)social media, whereby people who are increasingly alienated from the system seek out counter alternatives only to find left imperialism or right imperialism, which then feeds the very same imperialist strategies that it needs for its own self-preservation. We need to gather our forces. Many engage on a daily basis on the internet, but the very nature of anti-social media means feeds individualism constantly on top of the individualistic nature of much of our actual lives (grind for food and rent). The internet like the system in general incapsulates one of the central unresolvable contradictions of the system (resolvable only by negating the contradiction: ie., revolutionary overthrow of imperialism), ie., the system produces greater and greater socialisation but is based around private profit and the individualism that seeks to justify itself. We are going through a slightly contradictory historical moment: the global class war, the struggle against imperialism is proceeding apace with the leadership of the BRICS and others, however, on the political front we are still weak and still in a period of defeat since 1991, although we saw a short peak in the period in the mid 2000s with the the aforementioned rise of the assertive global south alliance of leaderships. We have the global south world-wide juggernaut going forward, but we don;t quite have the political leadership able to inspire and mobilise the necessary forces to counter and defeat the rise of the new fascism. However difficult the challenge, however outside of 21st century fascist trendiness, populism, distractions and parasitic decadence: we need to be combative, have confidence and determination in ourselves, gather strength from their sacrifices and fearlessness and intelligence from the glorious histories, legacies, ideologies and world-shaking victories of our peoples liberation struggles across the world. Stay LOYAL to the inter-generational struggle against imperialism and for independence and socialism! Towards 2016 as the year to combat 21st century fascism in all its forms! - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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