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The dogs bark while the Syrian-Russian resistance caravan in Syria carries on

A comment on supposed anti-imperialists attacking on Putin/Russia Re: #Syria, attacking China etc:

On the one hand its not even worth addressing this issue, because the people sniping against Russia know nothing of the real complex struggle against imperialism that our countries and leaderships have been waging for centuries. If it were left to these internet warriors, we would all be in the depths of occupation and enslavement of imperialism having done nothing to advance our peoples and our defensive wars of liberation. However, in case others are confused by this, its worth us conducting a concerted ideological struggle to politically smash, isolate and defeat such silliness in our circles.

One important point that is often missed and not appreciated is that imperialism has a vested strategic interest in playing up the military and economic capacity of China, Russia and our other global allies. They do this so as to put into the mind of the people that a big scary new global power is going to get them, so we better do all we can do push back and neutralise this oppressive new powers that are disturbing the lovely imperialist hegemony in the world. A considerable section of the masses internalise this imperialist racism against Russia and China and so join in the imperialist campaign against them and our allies such as Libya, Syria, Korea etc.

While it is true that the BRICS are expanding in their military and economic capacity, and while it is important we understand and play up our strengths and are inspired by that it is at the same time important that we stay as sobre and realistic as possible as to the actual extent of our power and capacity.

On the case of the Syrian-Russian historical unity and especially since the Syrian government invited the Russians to help them clean up the imperialist death squads, some people in the pro Syrian government camp act like Russia is a all powerful behemoth who can slap down anyone and anything like as if they are flies being swatted. While the Russian invitation into Syria has been admitted by even countless imperialists and their ideologues to be a game-changer, the Russians do not have endless military arsenals, supplies, capacity to smash everyone and everything that disturbs the general trajectory of defending Syria and relatedly the people of the region.

While Russia has for many reasons generally good relations with the white colonial settler state known as 'israel', it also cannot conduct a war simultaneously with the imperialist armed gangs in Syria and also a major world military power with the latest military arsenal supplied by the USA that is israel. Indeed, embarking on fighting directly too many conventional major states at the same time is a sure recipe for defeats and reversals of our peoples fortunes in Syria. It's laughable that people are suggesting that the Russians shoot down all the jets of the yanks, french, brits and israelis in the skies of the Levant. It's not going to happen, that would be a really stupid and self-defeating action and those suggesting in any way that the Russians do so are not friends of the Syrians, but frankly their enemies and enemies of the GlobalSouth.

The anti-imeprialist socialist revolutionary leadership of the Bolsheviks, Chinese and many others show historic achievements in accomplishing the tasks of the Revolution, but anyone who knows anything about these Revolutions will know they were only accomplished through masterful strategy and tactics that also included accepting and working through reality and also clever compromises.

Here are two quotes from Lenin from 1920, perhaps the greatest revolutionary strategist and thinker that has ever lived on this issue from the aptly entitled 'Left-wing Communism an Infantile Disorder', a book that should be part for he absolute basic revolutionary education for everyone:

"To carry on a war for the overthrow of the international bourgeoisie, a war which is a hundred times more difficult, protracted and complex than the most stubborn of ordinary wars between states, and to renounce in advance any change of tack, or any utilisation of a conflict of interests (even if temporary) among one’s enemies, or any conciliation or compromise with possible allies (even if they are temporary, unstable, vacillating or conditional allies)—is that not ridiculous in the extreme? Is it not like making a difficult ascent of an unexplored and hitherto inaccessible mountain and refusing in advance ever to move in zigzags, ever to retrace one’s steps, or ever to abandon a course once selected, and to try others? And yet people so immature and inexperienced (if youth were the explanation, it would not be so bad; young people are preordained to talk such nonsense for a certain period) have met with support—whether direct or indirect, open or covert, whole or partial, it does not matter—from some members of the Communist Party of Holland."


"There are different kinds of compromises. One must be able to analyse the situation and the concrete conditions of each compromise, or of each variety of compromise. One must learn to distinguish between a man who has given up his money and fire-arms to bandits so as to lessen the evil they can do and to facilitate their capture and execution, and a man who gives his money and fire-arms to bandits so as to share in the loot. In politics this is by no means always as elementary as it is in this childishly simple example. However, anyone who is out to think up for the workers some kind of recipe that will provide them with cut-and-dried solutions for all contingencies, or promises that the policy of the revolutionary proletariat will never come up against difficult or complex situations, is simply a charlatan." (source: )

As Lenin makes clear, we should not spin sell outs and capitulations as clever tactical compromises, and it is only through a cold and sobre analysis of the facts and having a correct and seasoned anti-imperialist leadership can we make the right decisions, and even then mistakes can be made but should be rectified immediately.

Perhaps an example of a mistake from our side was Libya and UN resolution 1973: as I have said many times our leadership including but not exclusively the Russians and Chinese slipped badly on that one, but the mistake however grave has been admitted and they have rectified and learnt from that mistake. Actually, Putin had an open spat with Medvedev on that, and Medvedev;s demotion was a direct part of the correction of that mistake by the Russians. And the whole Syrian scenario since spring 2011 on Libya and the actions of the Russians and Chinese has been a learning process from the mistake over Libya.

The Syrians with their partners and especially the Russians have done so much to turn the situation around in a matter of months. We were on the verge of being backed up into Lattakia region, the death squads were rampaging, and then the Syrians invited the Russians and within literally days and weeks the strategic trajectory was reversed, we were winning major battles, the imperialists freaked out and have come running to the Russians to work out a situation whereby the the enemy will try and cut its losses as much as possible. But the Syrian-Russian partnership every single day makes further advances and further strengthens the hand of the Syrian government and the regional resistance's position vis-a-vis the new framework established at the UNSC which calls for the eradication of the death squads especially Nusra and Daesh but others will be included in that list, calls for a country-wide ceasefire in several months, mention nothing about regime-change, and wants a new national unity government. That's all a major turn around from just a few months ago. The new national government will be basically the current Syrian government with a few token new non-armed opposition figures.

But there are people in our midst who are constantly sniping at the Russians. Make no mistake, sniping at the Russians is but sniping at the Syrian government and people who have not only fought this global imperialist divide and ruin project for nearly five years, but also just as importantly sniping at the Russians is also an attack on the intelligence of the Syrian people as it assumes that the Syrians are stupid and these geniuses of the global anti-imperialist struggle no better than the entire Syrian leadership and peoples.

In conclusion, our global leadership are pushing ahead with developing their capacity. We are doing well, but we are not about to change everything in the world with the click of a few fingers. We are not even at the economic capacity whereby the Chinese can bail out a tiny european country like Greece, not that that was on offer from the Chinese! Our economic situation globally while looking good from the Chinese angle, is suffering due to the collapse of oil prices and the imperialist directing of Saudi and others in this open oil conspiracy. However, we are getting there. It's going to be another two decades or so before we APPROACH EQUALISING our global side with the imperialists military, and before we reach that we have a lot of hard slog and major imperialists wars and intrigue to fight off.

Now is the time to stay loyal, to read and study soberly and seriously and popularise that. Now is the time to respect our leadership who are achieving amazing things. As I have said before, as individuals we are nobody, as a collective force with our leadership: we exist and we go forward. As people sitting at our desks and laptop and 'smart' phones, we are useless idiots only and until we support our side, our peoples, our leaderships in this resistance and liberation movement against global imperialist war.

The dogs bark while the Syrian-Russian resistance caravan in Syria carries on.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm 

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