Friday, 18 December 2015


Harry Paterson

Had dinner last night with, among others, a school governor. Interestingly, he spoke of his school's concern with 'radicalisation' among the pupils.

I expressed some surprise given that the area, a former mining town on the Notts/Derby border and one I know very well, has hardly any Muslims at all. Quite possibly even none.

He smiled and explained that the 'radicalisation' that concerned him was that of white kids and what he termed 'white power supremacy.' It seems many pupils are openly and consciously identifying with outfits like the EDL, BF and so on and that far right ideology has really taken a grip amongst a large swathe of the student body.

The area itself has definite historical form in this regard. The BNP used to host their 'White Christmas' bash nearby and it's a stone's throw from the former East Midlands stronghold of Skrewdriver, to give just two examples.

This fella is a definite small 'c' conservative and, possibly, a Conservative, yet he is deeply troubled by this phenomenon.

I posed the question that the 'Prevent' strategy is in place to deal with precisely this sort of thing, isn't it?
Apparently not, though, if it doesn't concern Muslim 'radicalisation.'

I'm as stunned as I'm sure you are, on learning of this...

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