Sunday, 20 December 2015


[pictured: Samir Qantar in prison with Fatah leader Mustafa Barghouti and PFLP leader Ahmed Saadat. Qantar receiving a Syrian medal from President Assad in 2008]

I had the honour of meeting in person Samir Qantar in a beautiful mountain village outside of Beirut when I was there in 2007. Comrade shaheed Qantar was relaxing there receiving guests in the cool mountainous air giving relief from the hot summer sun and weather further in the lowlands. No doubt the cool and sweet mountain air was cooling Qantar from his three decades in the enemy prisons. The figs were ripe hanging by the vines across the mountain gardens.

It is with sadness but pride and honour that I heard of his and up to twelve of our comrades martyrdom this morning.

Comrade Qantar was released by the White colonial settler enemy in a prisoner exchange with Hizbullah. The enemy has violated that agreement and conducted a cowardly method of martyring our comrade via fighter jets, however this is also a great honour as it shows the desperation and frustration of the enemy towards Qantar. Why the frustration? Because Qantar re-entered the Resistance wiring with Hizbullah and the Syrian government carrying out effective Resistance against the enemy and in defence of the popular Resistance alliance of Iran-Syria-Hizbullah and allied forces.

Shame on all those who sold out the Resistance for an imperialist and zionist project against Syria and the region!

Glory to those who stay loyal to our leadership and intergenerational struggle for liberation from imperialism!

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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