Thursday, 3 December 2015


John McDonnel and Mao's Red Book in Parliament today/ the eurocentric patronisation - instrumentalisation of Black n Brown radical traditions:

I watched an interesting incident live on telly today. The tory govt and chancellor announced their spending review, attacks on working people and public assets. In response the opposition/'shadow' chancellor left-wing John McDonnell thought he would use Mao's Red Book with the apparent intention of making fun of the Tories attack on him and Corbyn being 'hard left' or whatever.

McDonnell quoted a line from the Red Book about learning good economic management techniques and then threw the Red Book at the Tory dispatch book. The labour benches looked embarrassed and cringing as they often do when responding to Corbyn and McDonnell. Osborne, a scum of a man and chancellor picked up the Red Book and ripped the piss out of McDonnell with the entire tory benched in raucous laughter.

I guess McDonnell was trying to make fun of the Tories making fun of him, that backfired but what the dignity and respect of what Mao's Red Book stands for was in this instrumentalisation degraded and insulted. McDonnell must have discussed and OKayed this stunt with Corbyn beforehand, the fact that they thought this would be a good idea tells one in part how foolish this bunch are.

Mao's leadership, analysis and his selected works were along with Lenin's writings THE frameworks of ideology strategy and tactics for nearly ALL the liberation struggles and leaders of the 'third world' including Fanon, Cabral, Nkrumah, Arafat, Habash, Nasser, FLN, Lumumba, Castro, Che, Mugabe, Chavez, Morales, Huey Newton, Stokely/Kwame Ture, and many many others.

McDonnell insulted this contribution to the liberation of our peoples by using it to score a point against the Tories that anyway backfired.

The Red Book is short quotes in chapter categorised form of Mao's general writings, and is as such the most popular and widely read revolutionary book ever. Mao's teachings are a guide to understanding and action towards liberation from colonialism and imperialism and towards and the building of socialism.

If Mao's Red Book and his general writing is encouraged to people to study, those who do so will have a incomparably sharper and wiser approach to developing the people's struggle against austerity and imperialism and all oppression of coloniality. Instead today's silliness saw the Red Book and Mao used for some foolishness to score points between two factions of 'her majesty's govt and her majesty's opposition'. Those who stay loyal and true to our peoples revolution will not accept this.

Long Live Mao Tse Tung and the African, Asian and 'Latin' American peoples struggle against imperialism.

Mao's writings are the most important revolutionary texts!

Mao selected works

Mao's Red Book

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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