Thursday, 3 December 2015


On Monday morning I said to comrade David Ayrton that if Corbyn lays down the law and his leadership against the bombing at the shadow cabinet meeting, if he lays down the '3 line whip', if he then sacks anyone who defies his (all well within his right!) then I will fully support him and seriously consider joining or at least supporting Corbyn and his Momentum org. He did none of that but instead literally handed the Tories the 'freedom' to bomb Syria. Corbyn and his camp have crossed THE (physical) red line, THE crime of colonialism which is to violate our independence.

I have never and do not oppose Corbyn because of his flaws, but because I know through decades of working with him and hem that he is useless and as is the connected left. Nevertheless, as you can see with the meme I made below last weekend, I was willing to see if he would do the right thing.

I have never and do not oppose the Labour Party for being thoroughly racist and imperialist since its inception, but I know it is just that but have and will support people in it who do good things. Arthur Scargill was a member when he led the miners (although the LP and trade union leadership stabbed the Miners in the back), and I have worked with many lords and MPs of the Labour Party.

Brother comrade Filmon Zerai says my position on Corbyn has been "vindicated", I never wanted to be proven right, I wanted to be proven wrong! The defence and self respect of Syria and our homelands and people is incomparably more important than me being right on this or that.

The English left and anti war movement not only shit on our people in Libya, Iraq, Serbia. Afghanistan, Syria, Zimbabwe etc, they also shit on themselves and the poor and oppressed on this island. There is every indication that despite the Corbyn hype, this political bankruptcy is continuing and developing.

I am not one to spin this shit as anything other than it is: we owe them nothing, they have done nothing for us except promote and run behind and echo 99% of imperialist crimes and policies.

I hope people learn from this past 80days of this Corbyn disaster, but considering I have seen the english left learn nothing in my own experience of over 20 years in and around them, I fear they will continue to learn nothing themselves and spin their defeats and sell outs as victim hood.

Those few who can see through it all, work harder, unite better, ideologically and historically sharpen or minds and let's try and build something in the heart of whiteness and imperialism which is the 'U.K.'.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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