Thursday, 3 December 2015


‪#‎RedBookGate‬ Well, it gets worse. Quoting John McDonnell: "I don't support Mao of course .. This government is selling off to a Maoist regime [China] British assets, is that what we want?"

An orgy of british colonial nationalism, racism, and anti liberation and anti communism in just two lines. And this from the 'most left wing' labour MP and current Corbyn right hand man and shadow chancellor.

And more! "Osborne has spearheaded British attempts to build a “golden era” of relations with China and, speaking on Wednesday, McDonnell said the Little Red Book would help the chancellor deal with “his newfound comrades” in Beijing."

As I have been saying, Corbyn and co are the advanced left colonial Trojan against Scots, Chinese, India, Egypt etc.

Meanwhile, they a comrade correctly states: "Fan Jinggang, a prominent neo-Maoist, played down the policy implications of Mao’s Westminster cameo. But he insisted Mao’s writings still contained “an important lesson to people and society” and represented “the epitome of contemporary China’s achievements”.

“Mao’s thoughts still have direct and practical uses,” he claimed. “Serious class exploitation, class oppression and serious polarisation between the rich and the poor [still] exist in today’s world.”" (source)

If only western lefties would get their heads out of the imperialist ahem, they might desist from racism and imperialism and actually learn something from our liberation struggles.

All the while, you won't hear a peep out of the oh so radical pro Corbyn camp in criticising the on going bullshit from Corbyn and McDonnell and associated fools, rather they keep telling us: these are all very clever manoeuvres in order to develop the not yet apparent great upsurge!'.

Whatever. Countdown to these types justifying Corbyn and co's very likely complicitness in british airstrikes on Syria. It's all for the cause, don't you understand!

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Mao selected works

Mao's Red Book

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