Friday, 4 December 2015


Just a few days ago Corbyn and his camp facilitated the UK state illegal airstrikes against Syria, even his closest comrade in the shadow cabinet warned that if Corbyn decided to give a 'free vote' to his MPs, that such a free vote on Syria would "hand victory to Cameron, over these air strikes, on a plate".
For all the lefty rhetoric that Corbyn has come out with, of all the generally useless but nice support he has given to protests and campaigns, he has done nothing that comes close to the deadly and devastating effectiveness of giving the lead to literally hand imperialist airstrikes to the tory government and the UK state.

However, now the Labour Party has won a by-election in Oldham, there are literally tens of thousands of labour lefties who will be seeking to bury Corbyn's collaboration in the airstrikes under their electoral victory in Oldham. For those not wholly corrupted by western leftism and Labour Party left-imperialis,, this is a good example of 'social imperialism', ie., talking socialism, but delivering imperialism in deeds. Corbyn and his camp will celebrate Oldham, but deny, white wash and cover up their own imperialist actions.

This social imperialism, this western supremacism in the western left is nothing new, it was observed from the middle of the 19th century, when the co-founder of modern socialism and anti-imperialism Engels said in 1858: “You ask me what the English workers think about colonial policy. Well, exactly the same as they think about politics in general. There is no workers’ party here, there are only Conservatives and Liberal-Radicals, and the workers gaily share the feast of England’s monopoly of the world market and the colonies.”

It was further observed and fought against by Lenin in and around the first world war, when nearly all western socialist groups (except James Connolly in Ireland and perhaps one or two others) supported the first global inter-imperialist war. See here:
This phenomenon has never changed. The 'welfare state' and the much celebrated british colonial 'spirit of '45' was directly based on the colonial exploitation and genocide in Malay, Aden, Egypt, Kenya and other places.Since the 2008 global imperialist financial crisis, the same phenomenon has arisen in 21st century garbs with the most well known being Syriza. Syriza has also argued that it must deliver austerity to the Greek 'people for the benefit of the Greek workers', it has rejected Global South proposals of strategic unity from Russia and China, has utterly failed to give any leadership in defence of refugees but rather thrown them into camps etc, and has decided instead to ally closer to the white colonial settler state known as 'israel' which is occupying Palestine.

The Corbyn project is similarly oriented towards delivering the status quo with a lefty shroud. The project has collapsed with its delivery of UK airstrikes against Syria. Corbyn & Co will now want to forget their own imperialist criminal culpability, the independence of our peoples in Syria is being buried under this colonial celebration of an election in the north west of England.
Please observe the modus operandi of 21st social imperialism.


it wasn't primarily because Labour and Corbyn are left colonials that I was very critical, but even within the own confines of left colonialism there are chances of developing that contradiction in the interests of an anti-imperialist project: the point I am trying to make here is that my criticism was and is based on two main things:

1, it was VERY clear that tactically and strategically there was NO CAPACITY building and no SIGN of any serious capacity building to back up even Corbyn's own project: and the delivery of airstrikes last Weds shows very clearly that this is the case.

2, Corbyn and connected lefties are politically totally unfit for purpose, they have such a terrible political analysis and position that it will directly sabotage any serious political struggle. And that is exactly what is going on. They are wholly tied to a veteran racist and imperialist institution which is the Labour Party, and the near total racist and imperialist grip and domination of the party needs some tactical and strategic approach of what I am suggested in point 1 above.

This is a disaster project. It has already delivered a historic imperialist crime against Syria. Its time to state things as they are, not cover them up and indulge in shit like 'Corbyn needed to deliver airstrikes to develop the struggle', which SO MANY people are arguing. It's time to throw this entire project and labour left into the dustbin of history and build a anti-imperialist oriented project.

Of course that is not going to happen, cos colonial settler culture and politics which is the labour party and labour and most of the trade union left will always defend their position, which is a position, lifestyle and culture directly fed through imperialist super profit crumbs, a supra exploitation done against our peoples across the world. People may need to revisit:

Walter Rodney's How Eurpe Underdeveloped

Lenin's analysis of social imperialism, 

and J Sakai's analysis of Settler culture 'myth of the white proletariat'.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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